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There's a annoying bug when every time I catch a low kick and follow up with any attack, the game resets the players back to the opposite sides. This is very annoying and I can't enjoy this game anymore until it is fixed. Please let me know if this is possible to fix. Thankyou in advance.


  • The bug resets the players to the opposite sides of cage, this for me is enough to make me not play this anymore.
  • And plus this bug is glitch happens to me every time...
  • But only on online matches...
  • Am I the only one with this problem? I really love this game, and if you could just update me on this problem, that would make my day.
  • I really want to start playing this game again!
  • Can someone explain to me how a fighter can defend the clinch, block strikes, and defend the takedown at the same time? And what makes sense about simplifying the grappling and complicating the striking. I've pre-ordered every copy since Undisputed 2009, but I think I'm done with the series unless something drastic occurs.
  • how can you initiate the clinch,strike and shoot a takedown all at the same time?
  • I have the same problem I catch a kick and it restarts the match sometimes three or four times a match when I’m using someone that is a grappler and I’m going for the take down I lose the match cuz I can’t catch a kick. It seems to me that the player with the better connection has the disadvantage which is dumb when someone pays good money for there internet and is punished. GAME IS TRASH as far as I’m concerned......
  • Yeah I do the same exact thing now. I just go for the takedowns too, since I can't hit them once I catch a leg kick. Very annoying...
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