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UFC 3 Career Mode Ideas

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I honestly think career mode needs a new makeover.

1. The ability to watch other CPU fighters match card on career mode.
2. Disable the rematch button - If I loose a fight then rematch and win, I still feel like I lost. I prefer to make it realistic. If you loose you loose. If you quit or reset the PS4 you loose. But...
3. You can request a rematch by going to the fight history page - If you lose a fight you can’t rematch right away but when you continue and go to the Fight History page, you can request to fight that fighter again (Only if you lost). You will only get a rematch if you won at least 1 round or scored a knockdown
4. CPU fighters can ask for a rematch - You have the ability to accept or not accept. If you don’t accept you will loose fans.
5. Press Conferences aren’t stimulation - You will be able to see the press conference instead of only seeing it on UFC Minute. You can choose what to say at the press conference (Multiple Choice)
6. WFA should be longer before Dana White comes. (6-7 fights) before being in the UFC
7. You can train to go down in weight or up in weight.
8. Commentary needs to be improved - The commentary needs to be more realistic during the entrance.
9. The option to have CAF’s on career mode as CPU. - On career mode you can fight created fighters that you created.


  • I would also like to see the ability to see the other shows (UFC & WFA) and you could watch the card as it happens like in Undisputed (Probably can't do that I wish they could though) or at least do like done in EA MMA where you see the results of the other shows & Have dates of the PPVS Fight Nights etc.
  • R4phaElMaestro
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    Joe Rogan has said he won't provide new commentary. It's the same from UFC 2 except from a few new samples they've taken from fights
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