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Things I would Like to see in Career Mode

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- More mouthgards, there are so many in the game if u look closely and we only have like 10 options.
- More Hairstyler for ex. Max Holloway's hair, Curtis Blaydes', Jon Jones' why are we given trash hairstyles to chose from? We should have more options imo.
- We should be able to chose a "Hometown" and "Fighting of" why are we forced to be fighting out of our hometown? I would like to be from for ex. Los Angeles and be fighting out of the Bahamas
- More fighters in the divisions, and be able to fight anyone you want after winning the title, why do we keep fighting the same people? it turns the game boring.
- Remove or let us chose if we want the longevity bar, we can't lose fights or go to decisions because we always lose to muh longevity.
- Gives us the option to choose if we want to go up in divisions, not everyone is a Conor McGregor's fanboy, why are we doing the same he did?
- Another thing i don't understand is, why do we have to go to a decision in our 3rd fight in the WFA to be able to enter the "TUF House"?
- Why can't we wear UFC Hats and UFC Beanies like some fighters? (Mark Hunt, Jose Aldo etc.)
- Interviews after fights with Joe Rogan
- Give us the chance to responde to our rivals on Social Media, why are they alwys trash talking and we can't respond? also let us show fans some love by answering questions on social media.
- Maybe add some more gyms to make funnier

I don't really play Online so this are the things i would like to see for the Career Mode, sorry for bad english btw.
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