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  • Kh3ll wrote: »
    gorchyy wrote: »
    Are elite bjj reversals worth of 10 gold tokens and 1 wildcards since I have 3* bjj reversals?

    @gorchyy I have had it since the 1st one came out a couple months ago, and can honestly say I cant tell enough of a difference to justify spending for it.
    gorchyy wrote: »
    Any update on mcgregor move?

    Celtic Cross: +7 FWRK, +3 ACC, -3 BLOK, -1 PWR

    So if I got all that back to school event right it means plenty of free golden tokens for sting (i have ton of perks, boosts and contracts that i do not use) if it wins this week...

  • can someone tell me what type of stats the 4* Anderson Silva has? I'm thinking about grabbing it while I can...
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