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Ground strikes?

Where are the elbows to the body on side control. Where is the knee to the body in back side control .where is the rubber guard . How casual are you ea sports ? It’s like as if you’ve never seen it before like it’s impossible. The strikes on the ground need work.


  • KnocksYOUoutCold
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    edited October 2018
    I think it's sad, that basic moves like these which THQ had in all of their UFC games almost TEN years ago on a last gen console; EA has yet to Implement in any of their UFC games on next gen consoles. I just don't understand why EA simply doesn't copy everything from THQ's UFC Undisputed 3, THQ is not a company anymore so they can't be sued and it would be a far better MMA game then anything EA has produced on next gen consoles so far. If you can see the recipe for success (THQ UFC Undisputed 3 9.5/10) why not use it? EA UFC 3 7.5/10 (after four attempts, this is the only MMA game made by EA on next gen consoles to be considered even a rent by professional review standards)
  • I really miss the elbows from postured down in THQ games they looked SO NICE like bones jones elbows the GnP in EA games is bad has no feel. You cant even block in side control W . T. F
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