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Ultimate team?

How do you guys 🎃🎃🎃🎃 up soemthing that wasn’t broken.... ufc 2 was perfect I like how you can have your entire team on ufc 3 and play whenever but the move sets are wack Your SO LIMITED TO EVERYTHING LIMITED EVERYTHING


  • Yeah, unfortunately preset combos ruin the flow of the game. Not to mention basic moves like a head kick or Overhand can't be thrown unless, your fighter has the move equipped. Your "team" in this game are worthless because you don't get any benefit to having one(like in UFC 2) all in all EA need to use UFC 2 as the base design for UFC 4, because there's: no preset combos, your team actually serve a purpose, stats actually mattered, you could individually level up stats like Right/Left Hand or Leg power, and most importantly perks were actually great/useful.
  • xXjofluzuXx
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    No temp anything. Stats and perks leveled from the fights you lose and win with them. So if you knock someone out or throw a bunch of roundhouse successfully, you increase that stat slightly.
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