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Master Nunes Champion Set?



  • Haha ye m8 , they can have all the elite wbw shes fought for all i care lol but it aint gunna happen.
  • Mcgregor
    Didnt need a 4 star for his champ set
  • They dont have to add anything other than the 5 star nunes as the reward
  • To me the only thing I consider is the fact she became a double champ.... I don’t care what cards are out there for shevchencko or cyborg... even though I believe they should both have elites in sets ... nunes is the best female fighter in the world! Conor and dc became double champs and instantly master level in sets.... that’s how it should be... based on actual events and fight results ... not the best way for ea to make money...
  • Again I heard people have 500 thousand and still not pack nunes in the 232 pack... if they’re not giving it away in sets ... I guess they expect us to have a million saved up somehow .... just want to grind us out and spend our hard earned money on a game...
  • Should i go ahead and get the 4 star nunes. Or keep waiting for the 5?
    Any thoughts?
  • Get the 4 cause if the 5 comes out ud need the same cards anyways... just need cyborg which if u have the 4 already I believe they give u... basically if u have the 4 and the 5 comes out ... u get the 5 for free
  • No kidding? They let you trade the 4 for nothing extra?
  • I decided against getting the 4 star nunes, cause with 2 wild cards id still have to give up my birthday schevchenko, who has 17 slots. I dont need the extra 2 clinch and takedown nunes would get.
  • If the 5 star nunes comes out ur shevchenko will get mauled every time
  • True.....I suck anyways lol!
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