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ultimate team mode is gambling, be aware of it...

Loot boxes, like the packs in ultimate team, are designed to suck all of your money. They dont exist for no other reason.
They work like slot machines, and they trigger the same psychological mechanism. They are designed to be addictive. It's not the satisfaction out of winning that pushes the player to buy more and more packs, but only the frustration of not getting what he wants. In order to be as profitable as possible, EA wants you to stay unsatisfied.

Remember the good old days, when videogames were meant to be entertaining and fun? Thanks to companies like Ea, this days seem to be gone for ever.
Now we have stuff like Ultimate team, specifically designed in order to grow your frustration.

Some country's, like Belgium, Netherland, South Korea, have already looked into that. Belgium has put EA under criminal investigation for illegal gambling. And guess what? EA doesn't care. They are making so much money of loot boxes, that it's more profitable for them to go do court, instead of making changes according to the law.

Their line of defense is pretty ridiculous.
“What the player gets does not have any real world value”, company CEO Andrew Wilson, says. “There is no way to cash out, so it's not gambling.”
Basically EA is saying that since it's a loose/loose situation for the player, it's ok. ❤️❤️❤️❤️? If what I get doesn't have any real world value, why are you selling those packs for real world money?
This is the worst way of gambling, one where the real money always flows in the same direction, out of your packet. You can't win this game.

An other line of defense Wilson used is that 'the player always gets something out of the packs, so it's not gambling”. What a crap. With loot boxes, EA is not selling special items for the game, but only the hope to win certain items. What you get is on a random base, and this make it gambling, no matter what EA says. We all know how most of the cards you get through this packs are more or less useless.

'Nobody is forced to buy those packs with real money”, Wilson also says. “It's the choice of the player. They can also collect coins through playing, after all.”
So should I be thankful that they are not forcing me? Thank you EA, for not putting a gun on my head...
We all know how time consuming it is to get the required coins just through regular playing. This doesn't happen accidentally, but on purpose. The idea is to make it as tempting as possible the go for the shortcut through real cash. And many people fall for it.

For this way of gambling, there is still no regulation. Dont forget this. We don't know the probability to win certain items, and there is no way to check what the software is actual doing every time we open a pack. They can do whatever they want with no limitation. There is no authority controlling yet.

But what makes the whole thing particularly nasty is that the main target of videogames are young people and children. They are exposing kids to the risk of gambling addiction. This is disgusting.

Fortunately, around the world, more and more governments and politicians have started to care about the problem. Maybe this will change something in the future, or maybe not.
But remember that the biggest power is in your pocket. Don't waste your money on loot boxes, not matter how tempting, for your own good, and for the good of the gaming community.


  • 100% right, and you may get banned for mentioning it, but there are also people on here, not naming any names, who openly admit to spending in excess of thousands of dollars on packs, happily. It's pretty mind blowing. And most of them aren't top 20. You can't really buy skill but it's that delusion that makes them want the best items possible to give them the biggest possible handicap. Can't imagine how much money EA make on UT on UFC alone, let alone FIFA. You can hate on it, and not spend on it, and point fingers to it's blatant conman-ship, but it'll never change cause they make a crap tonne of money off these people.
  • Banning me would be like admitting that I'm telling the truth. I dont think this is going to happen. (and even if it does happen, I wouldnt care. I'm not gonna miss you, EA. And I will never shut up)

    More likely, EA is going to do what they always do whenever they have to face criticism. They ignore it, pretending it never happened.

    Realize that EA has stopped to be a videogame company a long time ago. Now they are a corporation. They dont care about the happiness of gamers, they only care about investors and the flow of easy money.

    Talking about the amount of money involved in microtranactions, maybe it should be mentioned that EA buisness value has grown from $ 4 billion in 2012 to $33 million, in 2018.

    $29 billion in six years. All this thanks to microtransaction...

    Interesting point you got talking about the delusion of buying skills.

    What cames in my mind is this strange progression system in UFC 3, where nobody really can't tell for sure how important the chemestry is.

    In order to have a high chimestry for your fighter, you will need a high number of cards. Some of them will match, eventually.

    But does chemestry has any influence on the actual gameplay? Personally, I couldn't tell. I haven't really noticed much of a difference.
    But from EA's point of view, as long as people believe that chemestry matters, it's fine. They will still feel pushed to open more and more packs.

    My only hope is that governments around the world will change something on that in the future. For politicians, this fight against loot boxes is a win win situation. To prove that you are serious about protecting kids from gambling practice can be a good way to gain popularity and a good push for the political carrier.

    More and more politicians are looking into that and most of them will see this as an opportunity. This is my hope, and hope never dies.
  • AliCotto
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    edited January 2019
    I agree with everything you say.. though..........You believe that if EA SPORTS does not get benefit from the players
    ¿it will continue creating in Ultimate Team : events and updates with new fighters ... new movements?
    ¿You think that they will have their team working for free?
    They have it very clear.....No there benefit "Money"For them... no reward For players .......... Yes there are benefit there reward

    Love is the strongest and purest want can beat everyone...can even get to die how Fighting Princess Anacaona died for the love of her late husband
  • you are rising good questions...

    Of course EA is getting benefits from the players, way to much. This is exactly the problem. As long as there are people out there willing to pay, this loot box business will remain profitable, no matter how many gamers are complaining about it.

    Is the player getting any good out of this?
    Personally, I don't think so.

    There used to be a time where in order to make good profit, game companies were forced to make good games. It was as simple as that.

    But nowadays it's not the fun of the game that makes the actual profit, but the structure of the game, and the amount of unhappiness this game is able to create. Sections like ultimate team allows the company to make more profit through microtransaction then through the actual selling of the game. Even if they gave away UFC 3 for free, ultimate team would still remain profitable.

    The best thing the player can hope for is a new move, or a new fighter, but this only after hour and hours of playing, a lot of frustration or big amounts of real world money. All this, after having spend already 60 euros for a game which was supposed to be complete.

    They call it 'live service', pretending that they are doing us a favor, but what they really do is fool us with a unregulated gambling system.

    Be aware that the amount of work behind the creation of a new fighter, or a new move or an event is nothing compared to the amount of money we are talking about. Billions of dollars every year!

    I'm not saying that companies shouldn't make profit out of live services, I'm only saying that there has to be a balance. You can be honest to your costumer and at the same time make good profit. Other companies have proven already that this is possible.

    They want us to believe that nowadays this is the only way to go.
    'Making videogames is way to expensive,”, they say, “microtransaction is the only way to keep this business alive.”, “Loot boxes are a unfortunate reality of modern gaming industry.”, and so on. They want us to believe that there are doing this out of necessity and that they have no other choice.

    But the numbers are telling us that this is a lie. It's not the poor profit which is forcing them to sell loot boxes, but it's quite the opposite. It's the huge success of this sick business model which is pushing them to stay on this path no matter what. Even if this mean breaking the law and being put under criminal investigation.
  • This is why on march 7th i put ufc down for good. The division 2 comes out and all future DLCs are free and the developers and publishers listen to their player base and make looting enjoyable. This game currently is a shambles. Full of exploits and spamming ridiculous moves. This isnt a realistic mma game at all, Its just a spamfest to see who can spam the most and get rewarded for it. Worse than the plague ...
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