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Champion Edition (Old version): Nostalgia Packs - Is It Possible?

Greetings. I wish to thank you all for your hard work. I see that this game looks better because of you.
I have just one question. Dear developers, Please answer, is it possible to purchase old versions of Champion Edition fighters (with national flag and belt) to the collection for new players? For example, I'm interested to take some "elder" CE fighters' (Max Holloway, Robert Whittaker, Miesha Tate, Stipe Miocic, Jon Jones, Joanna Jedrzejczyk, and so on), but you don't make new flashback showcases anymore.
I think that's would be great to add old versions of CE fighters to the store or to the loot-boxes as a reward for weekly events' ending. Because many players like this fighters' version and wanna buy them for their collections. Maybe that's something like "nostalgia", but I'm sure that new gamers and people who have a big experience in the UFC Mobile will be happy.
So, I really wanna know: do me and others players have a chance to purchase this items? Have they been removed from the store forever?
Sincerely, Vladimir Ilichev aka Vladoff28. From Russia with love.


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