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Game crashes

After the recent update the game began to crush at starting logo. Some people have this problem, some people don't. The support doesnt know anything as always.
If your game crashes I suggest installing an older APK (not from Google Play). Then it work just fine.


  • This game is crashes at the beginning i am trying last four days by clear data 3 to 4 times and reinstalled all game 2 time but game could not start at the middle stage of h2h game started problem lot of data and time waste someone help me brose
  • Uninstall your game. Download APK from here
    www. apkmirror.com/apk/electronic-arts/ea-sports-ufc/ea-sports-ufc-1-9-3097721-release/ea-sports-ufc-1-9-3097721-android-apk-download/
    Install it. The game will download the cache. Then you'll be able to play.
    And do not allow Google Play to update it automatically.
  • Thnx bro as per your suggestion i do and the game starts normally fine
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