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The big fish eats the small fish-The kings of the button

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There are many experienced and veteran players who play in the low division almost completely the whole season........And when the message arrives that the season is coming to an end, they make divisions higher without problems.......They remain in the lower division with the purpose of easily defeating the inexperienced and novice players..In this way they reap many victories and coins without any problem

Many friends of mine who play UFC do not play the Ultimate Team because they say that they lose very easily that there are great players in the lower divisions.........I think that in this way you lose a lot of customer because of these experienced players That they play in the low divisions to easily win the fights

The strategy of these veteran and experienced players to continue in low divisions is to lose consecutively many fights and EA Sports subtracts 50 qualification point...In 10 consecutive bouts lost they lose 500 qualification point.... going down to the lowest of the Division... way they are kept in the lower division to be able to win and win many coins

I think the way to stop these veteran players ..... To these kings to push the button....To these champion of gamepad champions....To these players with very muscular fingers but with very fat Rear And he needs a chair wider than Common For the reason of sitting 16 hours in front of the PlayStation .....I think the way to stop it is if a player He loses More than one bout consecutively you must lose only 1 qualification point....¡¡¡ Or even not lose classification points !!! If he loses consecutively many fights due to He losing the connection consecutively they must sanction him Unable to earn currency even in single championship... ¡¡¡ You must penalize these cheating players !!! There are many players who do not want to play Ultimate Team because of these veteran players.....In this way, you lose many clients

¡¡¡¡ Please !!!! must fix this for the good of all players and all players who want to play Ultimate Team and are not kings of pressing the button

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Love is the strongest and purest want can beat everyone...can even get to die how Fighting Princess Anacaona died for the love of her late husband


  • Paltsari
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    I don't think that is a valid argument. I just played in the 4th division for a month or so and the level of talent is considerably lower than when playing in 5th division and 1500-1600+ range. And mostly the tough opponents are at that current time playing in the 5th division. Definitely didn't regularly go against "big fish players" who had they rank lowered. Maybe [Removed names] (if I remember his name right), but no other players. It also might be that you consider different players "big fish" than me and they do this DNF crap, but those guys aren't really "big fish", just mediocre players at best. What I can say is that I didn't go against players other than hot_358 who would Quit the game in the middle of the match.

    Obviously I didn't tip under 1200 at any point, but can't imagine it would be different playing in the 1000 point level either. Like there would be an huge amount of TOP players at that level who I haven't met.

    The problem is not top players not playing in the 5th division, but the fact that there isn't that many players online anymore. The player pool is so scarce that even the "small fish players" have to play against "big fish players" here and there or we wouldn't have opponents to play against.

    I do think the same about DNF finishes. I think if you are going to lose, do it face-to-face. I usually played around 10 games as good as I could and then lost 3-4 in a row, but still tried to make the game fun for both before taking a dive. Or if I didn't have time just taunted and let the other guy knock me out. I don't like DNF's at all. And isn't going for DNF already punished in coin reductions? I wouldn't mind if the penalty was even harder for consecutive DNF's.

    Yeah, but it is what it is. Just not enough players playing UT.

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  • AliCotto
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    Now I understand why you have answered me in this way .......... because you are doing this ......And obviously you feel alluded to
    I say that 2% of the players at low level they are veteran players who know how to play and are doing this In this way to earn many coins quickly though They severely affect novice players...
    Many of my friends when they first enter to play Ultimate Team do not want to continue because by chance they play against this good players
    Here is the proof that you are doing it:
    Love is the strongest and purest want can beat everyone...can even get to die how Fighting Princess Anacaona died for the love of her late husband
  • Paltsari
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    I would also add there are quite a few decent players in the 1300-1400 region and its very common that players (even not so skilled) use the same powerful combos in UT as you can build your own fighter.

    I don't say there aren't players not playing to their full ability, but it is not the reason for tougher games at lower level.

    UT with its low player count is tough cookie to handle.
  • Twiztdcrow
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    You want to stop them...do the same crap they do just at a different pace and timing..spam ridiculous unrealistic attacks....like who in reality can do 10 cartwheel kicks in a real fight let alone a round... if they take you to the ground(or vice versa) do nothing until they do. Block/reverse...blah blah... they're not that good mate... they just exploit the game like the rest of us who get to the top... difference is if you recognize these desperate signs you can easily counter them.... except the ground game... then it's a hug fest... and EA don't care.. but If your lucky you might actually get a competitive fight
  • ajpenn1
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    I think the option to cancel a match up with players who have 5+ wins on you without penalty would balance this. You don't see McGregor vs Alvarez being rebooked every other weekend. I don't understand how ea thinks constant match ups against the same higher skilled, better fighter, or troll, or griefer players is a good model. It isn't fun for players trying to have fun casually.
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