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Why for once I go to the ground for a little while people will quit. This is a question for the community not the developers. Whether it be a little ground and pound, a submission, or me just denying a transition people will quit after their on the ground for a couple of seconds. Why? It's ok for you to punch and kick me in the face (or body, most people head hunt) but when I take you to the ground and tire you out it's a problem. Either I punch you or go for a submission what's the problem. And these are quick sessions were people continuously use 100 overall Caf. I won't lie I have a Caf as well but they are balanced in a way were they are fair. Strk:91 Grpl:93 Stam:88 Hlth:94 for my lightweight and Strk:92 Grpl:82 Stamina:89 Hlth:94 for my strawweight(W) if you want me to go in depth on my Car's I can. But with my strawweight being a striker i rarely go to the ground with her. So for the community why do you do this, and for the people who don't quit because i go to the ground and maybe catch a win I respect you. For the people who quit after I go to the ground start to dominate and quit before you give me the chance to get up... You a B****


  • Twiztdcrow
    7 posts New member
    Because so many people go to the ground and do nothing but block/reverse... it's incredibly boring and really more of a mini game then any kind of fight
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