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Only getting voting tokens?

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With the current event going, I am very glad to spend a lot of time grinding the game as much as I can as it is a very cool idea for an event and one that has some of the best rewards yet.
For the first couple of days, everything went well and I got a three-star custom fighter.
However, after completing that set and getting my fighter, I am unable to level them up to four-star because I have literally only been getting voting tokens out of my last 10 training camp packs.

The chance for this to happen is at about 10 to 250 and, therefore, incredibly low.
I doubt that my luck can be so ridiculously bad so I just want to ask if anything in the regard of drop chances has been changed.

The strange thing is that this didn't happen to me until yesterday; before then, I got all kinds of different moves and even training camp tickets, with voting tokens only rarely appearing.
But getting the literally least useful thing which you can get out of these packs 10 times in a row just seems nearly impossible.

Any ideas?


  • 10 pack run is very unfortunate.

    I can confirm, stuff was dropping better early in my opinion too.

    Now it is around every third pack for other than vote tokens. Maybe little more often, but not by much.

    I still have stuff for at least 3 Master moves or 2 moves and 1 Fighter.

    There is a lot left so probably more is possible.
  • For the first time in the lifetime of this game, I have decided to not grind the event this month. This was for multiple reasons, but my question is, with the event this time being move based, what, if anything, will I be able to get if I did all the weekly challanges? That may not have made any sense, but what I mean is, will you gain enough tokens JUST from the weekly challanges to redeem for any reward?
  • I don't think so. You have to grind some packs too. Maybe one move with the weekly special free packs with the seasonal challenges, but no more.
  • Update: After actually getting some variety in my drops, I have now again reached a 12 pack run.
    This is number one ****.
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