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The unfair AI is not fun to play against at all.



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    I'm in career mode and the only possibility I have of winning is to reset consistently because despite the fact that I'm hitting the correct input command to defend against a takedown, I'm still being taken down, then without giving me an opportunity to change positions (the inputs are greyed out), i get put into a submission. Then once in the position of utter torment, as soon as I go to A N Y direction whatsoever, the A.I. blocks every escape direction I choose almost as quickly as I choose it. It's broken, it's literally cheating in disguise as being "the skill level of the actual fighter", and if you refuse to acknowledge it then why should I buy the next installment? Are you telling me that the money I've poured into all the titles you've released is a waste and that you dont care about the consumer enjoying it? Because that would be rather disappointing to find out I've wasted my money on your product for years.

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  • The stamina bar is so useless in this unrealistic garbage UFC 3 I want my refund. I had enough!
  • The ai in ufc 3 is the best ive seen sure it has problems the submissions are ridiculously hard 2 get out of i wont argue u that just lower it in the settings.

    As for stamina i find there just smart and they dont rush. when they throw strikes there usually in range to hit so stamina doesn't go down much.and they let there stamina refill they don't just keep swinging wildly.


    And dont get mad
  • when i got used to playing this game i started liking it less, at the beginning i knew i was crap at it but what kept me interested was constantly becoming more proficient and learning new moves. i knew the mechanices involved in setting up counters but i wasnt used to the control scheme so i had too many of my own gameplay flaws to notice the ai's, but now that i know how to play i notice the ai seems to be able to get away with stuff that shouldnt happen,

    - the r1 + r2 fast retreat should not nullify overhand strikes or body strikes but the ai abuses this by applying it just as a strike is about to land, when the strike lands and say its a clean overhand hitting temple area: it register's as a block instead of hit, same as roundhouse to body.

    - the ai seems to block strikes faster than the animations of the actual block, if the animation hasnt blocked then the strike should be a hit but when the ai starts blocking everything you can see strikes land but they still register as blocked.
    i played as mcgregor vs Rafael dos anjos, so rda throws a lounging front kick from miles away, misses by about 3 feet short and it registered a hit to the body.

    - knockout animations ruined by strikes landing that dont actually land and knockout replay being too short, should show more of a lead up to the ko (off topic but worth mentioning).

    - the L1 back and forward lunges are useless, the ai seems to be able to walk you down at will as their standard foot speed always seems to be faster, and they can simply walk backwards to avoid strikes which is what is making this game feel so repeatative constant walking and blocking without much else.

    - the feeling that the ai is reacting to button presses

    -the mandatory distance barrier between fighters is the most destructive part of the game as it makes it too easy for ai to walk out of range, i know when the ai is retreating and still cant effectively close distance due to this invisible force field.

    im sorry skynet but the statements about "it tells me what you think is happening is not actually happening" and "no one at the office feels this way" is a brush off because theres so many people with the same opinion for it to be a mere coincidence. the ai still sucks oct 2019.

    striking is lacking that hit feel a bit too much aswell, seems like im hitting the ai with inflatable arms.

    i propose next time to make it online only if the ai is going to suck so bad.

    im beating the crap out of the ai yes but im just not enjoying it the way i should be its the above points that make me feel disgusted at the flow of the game in general.

    judging by how cheap the single player aspects of ufc 3 feel i would hope ea doesnt make another ufc game but if tgey must then clean it up a bit where development is concerned as ufc had an overwhelmingly under developed feel to it and still does.
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