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Event Packs Dropping Like Crazy!

The Jacare vs. Jan Pack was fire last few days! You got Master Jan from every other pack, tons of Elite moves and fighters etc...

Was this one off or a bug? Or is EA finally loosening up on the pack percentages? I did bring in a haul of Elite moves from this and wouldn't mind continuing the streak after next weekend lol.


  • Thought it was bugged out or something, i was getting Jan Blachowicz, elite moves and fighters, gold fighters from every pack I bought. Got some crucial elite move cards that instantly improved my game big time.
  • Must’ve gotten Jan like 10 times lol
  • I imagine something got glitched out and this event was set to max payout or something, would be nice if the drop rates were better but this felt glitchy, like I was getting killer stuff from every pack I bought.
  • HumanCalculator9
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    edited November 2019
    The second pack I got since the new moves came out I got both the 5 star Jan, the 5 star over under clinch, and a 4 star move all in one pack. Wish I knew it was just a glitch I would’ve gotten more packs to try to get elite moves.
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