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What game modes would you include in UFC 4?

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In UFC 4, in addition to the Career mode (G.O.A.T.), Tournament mode, Event mode, mode standing , KO mode, submission duel and others already included in UFC3, I hope there are new modes.

I would love a way to fight with the rules of boxing, that is, you can only use your hands to hit.

Another with the rules of Muay Thai, where you can use both hands and feet where there is a grip, but there is no fight on the ground.

I hope that these modes with their rules can be carried out in tournament mode, in event mode and in fight now.

What new ways would you like to see in the new game?
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  • I like foot fights, so when UFC 3 increased the fight on foot, I liked it a lot, since I don't like it on the field, and less in this game, in undisputed 3 the fight in the field dominated it.

    I hope that the fight on foot returns to UFC 4, in addition to that, I hope they incorporate boxing and muay thai with their rules.

    I think it would cost them nothing to increase it, boxing just to deactivate the kicks and the ground and we already have it, and Muay Thai only fights it on foot, but adds the grip, it does it and deepens a little more and has it.

    Of course, if boxing, as well as muay thai, increases them, they must put them in tournament mode, in event mode and, of course, in the fight now.

    It would be great to add that even if it's just a ring (quadrilateral), I don't care if it's fictional
    that is, without a license just to give more realism to this kind of struggle.
  • Fans of boxing and muay thai are orphans of the game in the current generation, we have no game, and thanks to UFC 3 introduced the fight on foot, which although it is not totally any of those 2 types of fighting, at least it is something
  • A game with mma, boxing, K1 style kickboxing rules, muay thai, even a bjj submission fighting mode would be amazing. Would be cool to have boxing rings and a rip off bellator cage like they did in EA MMA the og goat of mma games
  • It is that having so many different fighting disciplines, and each with its original rules, along with the MMA would make UFC 4 a very complete game.

    They should also increase the number of fighters created by fans, because they can only save 22 are very few, they have to increase this figure to 160 or even more, and thus be able to create fighters for different categories of weight, gender and fighting discipline
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