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My beta thoughts

So far been playing for a bit and I noticed a things good and bad but great experience so far thank you EA

- 5-10 second window when postured the bottom has to sit there and just take the hits . Very unrealistic I should be able to transition out in a more defensive position . It ruins the flow of the combat with the 10 second mandatory wait . So please take that posture up out . You should have an option every chance your on the ground.

- tkos same thing if I get clipped and there punching me And I’m blocking I should be able to transition right away . Nobody sits there and takes the hits and if they do sit there just blocking and the ref should rush up and say get in a better position and if they don’t the fight should be stopped .

- strikes on the ground we NEED more strikes on the ground back side control knees to the body . Side control needs punches with both hands . Body elbows from side control are real .

Submission system needs work


  • The clinch flows amazing and the takedowns are dope and flow well but takedowns are rough to block
  • Subs are a nightmare to stop. I get ot you gotta move the stick slowly. But even the attacking bar is so big, theres no way to misderect going so slow. Also you should be able to arm trap when your on bottom and opponent is postured up throwing gnp
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Hey, all.

    Thank you reaching out to us with your feedback we really appreciate it. I'm going to close this discussion though as discussions on the Closed Beta needs to be directed to the forums below. Those that are participating will have access to it.


    Thank you for being a fan of UFC!
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