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My beta Thoughts part 2

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Great things I have to say tho :

Striking is nice
Clinch flows well
Wrestling is dynamic

Mma is suppose to flow . From clinch ground and standup . I feel the flow is there but there’s just few areas that make the fight stop . From the mandatory posture up timer . To being in a back side control only able to strike with one arm.. . It just doesn’t flow . I should be able to atleast strike with 3 limbs in the every position . With more strikes in every position gives it the same flow as in the new clinch system .

Idk if it’s in the game I haven’t had it happen yet but standing tkos . The getting hit then dropping down should t always happen . The reference I’ve been preaching is like TJ Dillashaw and borao . Back against the wall getting beaten the ref should jump in . The ref makes it real you realize that this isn’t a death the ref is suppose to come in and save the fighter . If someone gets hit with a perfect head kick and are laying for that finish the fight instead of you jumping on them all the time to tko them have it where the ref can tell it’s over after the hit and saves the fighter ref should step in between like it’s over .ujzak3rdijh0.gif


You guys need to realize how much the ref are important to these fights and how they are smart they should see the damage. Even if players are like what I wasn’t even out ! That’s the same energy people feel about the actual fight game and it will make it more controversial

Championship fight and the champion is against he fence getting beat to a pulp the ref gives the champion his chance to fight back example . Woodley vs usman . Woodley was getting teed off for a minute straight from usman but the ref knew that you had to the give the champ his chance .

Lastly draws are needed there’s nothing wierder then hearing a draw every now and then . We need those matches with draws it’s controversial but it’s pet of the sport . Controversial will make the game more intense and make the player more cautious on what’s going on and rounds won

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