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Feedback of the day .

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1 When your being called out by Bruce buffer they should show both players actual records next to the real fighters record .

2 Also the ref shouldn’t just disappear when the camera turns away from him. Make the ref an actual player instead of having them disappear randomly during the fight . Lose so much Immersions

3 When knocked down against the cage there should be different animations and posture . If you get cracked and back against the wall and your eatting shots against the wall there should be a rocked standing animation when against the cage when hurt .

4 Can we have movement to the fence from the ground ? Like crawling to the fence so I can get up and if I’m on top maybe push them against the Fence to get big shots off

5 Also this can we have this ?


6 Body triangles from back sitting should be a thing like why isn’t it ? dci0cful3fmh.jpeg

7 Take that pre fight taunting out it’s corny The ref doesn’t wait for someone to do there goofy taunt before he lets them fight so please take that out . Maybe have it during the introduction from Bruce buffer you have options to do a signature taunt or just look made or whatever but yea that gots to go

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  • KushyMc_haze420
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    I agree that the pre fight dance thing is dumb [Removed - CM]. Also the animation for the ref pointing at each fighter looks so robotic.
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  • I think everyone agrees, the pre fight emotes are horrible. Please remove.
  • it would be less corny if its done during the buffer introduction. the reason its so corny is because its placed in such a weird spot.
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