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Ground and Pound has to be changed back

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The GNP has to be changed, this is bottom of the barrel stuff guys. Give us freedom back, why in the hell would you put another mini game into the fight. Have you ever had someone on top of you swinging? Do you think that you just have to sit there and wait? Do you know what an explosion is, have you ever heard of scrambling? In what situation do you just say "I'm going to absorb his strikes and then he will automatically stop". The philosophy behind this and the clinch system is just backwards. It's like they want to make a series of mini games instead of a single fluid fight sequence. Clinch is a disaster, grappling now involving the strike buttons is a sloppy mess.


  • I wouldn’t say it needs to be changed back but they need to give more options to defend from the bottom. It’s very confusing but they complicated it a little too much trying to make it realistic as possible IMO
  • I would prefer if we had one united grappling system as always. The clinch wasn't horrible but was just so hard to follow and there is virtually no education they give us to learn the system. Keep working on the fluid clinch maybe it will come together, but the ground system worked and I feel like they really lost more than they gained with this swaying minigame.
  • I agree with you guys on the ground game. also the take downs need to be changed back to ufc 3 style as well
  • DrAssquatch
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    Agree 100%. GNP is a joke. Its so robotic and not life like at all. Why do you only have 5-6 punches every time and THEN they can transition? Its predictable and lazy. What are these looping body shots in top side full guard that look like they came from sega dreamcast? Where are the elbows from the mount for Christ's sake?

    They tried to focus on changing all the best things from UFC 3 and really messed up.
  • There is ways to counter besides sitting and waiting you can dodge straights and even get a reversal off of that and you can post up hooks and get a reversal off of that as well i do it all the time. But i do think the ground and pound power needs to be nerfed a little and some fighters should have way better ground and pound than others but i feel like every single fighter has good ground n pound.
  • Did they completely take out elbows from every position on the ground except side control? Full mount is also broken. You literally can't do anything, especially against the legendary AI. You just resort to waiting for them to posture up and hold block the entire time. If you try to get into half guard or back mount it is blocked immediately. Give us the ability to shrimp, or fake transitions like the AI does all the time. It'd make the game somewhat enjoyable on the ground and feel like more like chess, which is what grappling is all about.
  • Youcan still throw elbows from the bottom position but you use L1 as the modifier instead of R1 as it used to be. If you want the old grappling system then go into your options and change the grappling system to "legacy".
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