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GNP system, Clinch System, Sub System

Can an EA person give me one problem that these changes addressed? They feel sloppy and not intuitive. Why in world do I have to absorb strikes from GNP, shouldn't I have the option to get out? The only thing I can find in game says "hold block to absorb strikes and eventually you can pull him close." What is the point of this? You just get a free chance to smash people you don't have to work for it at all. The person on bottom needs to be able to transition like normal. The guy on top has to be able to mix up his strikes FLUIDLY. Ironic how your "fluid" systems are all a clunky mess. Stop making everything a dumb mini game.

"Fluid" clinch is interesting but it is so hard to follow and there is no tutorial or hud that actually informs you what to do. You have made the takedowns and clinch use the striking buttons for some odd reason. What was wrong with the normal grapple stick and takedown modifier. I like the direction changes but the initations are sloppy and annoying. I want to throw a lead overhand, not attempt clinch.

Subs are just more nonsense minigaming. For one most subs early stages would be the same, isolating an arm, posturing, etc. So having two systems for joint/choke is a little stupid. Just go back to the old gate system, it worked. You had to work for subs and you had to work to get out. They weren't too common or too rare. It worked fine. Stop changing just to change. I don't understand what is wrong with modern devs when they think they must innovate and change in order to make a good game. You refined a system for like six years and then threw it in the trash in favor of this slop.


  • Couldn't have said it better myself. EA strikes again with their lazy "changes" and didn't focus on the ways to improve on an already good UFC 3 game. GNP is the worst. Makes no sense and looks stupid. I can't believe these animations are on my Xbox one. Look so sluggish and robotic.
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