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So i have done some digging with the fighters and got a count of each fighter and im kinda disappointed, actually im very disappointed. There are a wapping total of 311 fighters for the roster at launch, which isn't bad thats fairly good, the thing that bothers me is, just like ufc 3, the roster was not up to date and lacking in each weight class. ive done the math and im beyond surprised, there are the 311 fighters, 53 of them are either no longer fighting or in different organizations and labeled as legends in the game, or boxers that have no relevance to the ufc or mma world, but we cant have lesnar again or various other legends and etc . well i also counted as of today's rankings including the champs in game there should be 176 total playable fighters dating from the beginning of this project to now, well there are 60 missing players which means 116 fighters are ranked and playable. being this is the also the last contract ufc and ea will have, they may add all 60 and some more legends that are deserving to actually be in the game, but highly doubtful. Knowing they had the time and resources the last few years its been lack there of in so many areas, but the still manage to pull something off to blind side the loving hardcore fans to support the casuals. Plus they're missing a whole division. But the most notable fighters missing are a huge surprise, they've been in the sport for many years and in the ufc for 4 or 5 which was the length for ufc 3. something needs to be done soon. thank you and that s my ted talk


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    dana white likes boxing and bruce lee hence why they're in the game.

    More fighters will be added over the year.

    One sentence.
  • This roster is a direct copy/paste from UFC 3 with a few additions. Its weak **** and EA really didn't do anything to bring us a real roster for 2020. Now I remember why I don't play Madden anymore or any other EA titles. Its all about reskinning the same game over and over without any real changes players are asking for over the years.

    Instead, let's break everything good about UFC 3 and not bring the sport any respect by showing love to the many awesome fighters missing from the roster. Just think, they just now updated Cerrone from a couple games back, because people complained about it after that crap beta.

    If EA manages to fix this lazy roster it will be a miracle. Until then, let's hope 2K or some other deserving company can take the reigns on the next few UFC games. EA has failed us again.
  • The official UFC game should have every active fighter on the roster at launch.

    That it doesn't is a total joke to be honest.
  • Not only that but you have their social media guy saying we should submit a request! For active UFC fighters! To be in the UFC game! Wild
  • yea typical ea game, i feel bad for preordering the game to get the boxers just to have them free during launch when the games gonna be half off here in a few weeks if not down to 20 bucks
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