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Major Changes in UFC 4



  • Well this was a huge disappointment
  • gotchy18 wrote: »
    Well this was a huge disappointment

    Very...saldy I only play quick match only
  • It's literally impossible to stuff the takedowns against the ai it's so frustrating. Also why are strikers trying to take me down and smother me like Usman? this game is full of bugs and is already stale due to the lack of content in the game. hope you guys release some kind of a patch to improve on the game soon. cause it needs it bad.
  • It's literally impossible to stuff the takedowns against the ai it's so frustrating. Also why are strikers trying to take me down and smother me like Usman? this game is full of bugs and is already stale due to the lack of content in the game. hope you guys release some kind of a patch to improve on the game soon. cause it needs it bad.

  • A letter from Brian Hayes, Creative Director of UFC 4.

    To our EA SPORTS UFC fans,

    Now that our announcement is official and we can talk about EA SPORTS UFC 4, I wanted to take some time to share with you the rationale behind one of the big changes you may notice in the latest release of the franchise.

    It may be surprising for some of you to learn that Ultimate Team is no longer a feature included in our UFC game. It probably isn’t surprising to hear me say that this was not a decision we took lightly. When we introduced our vision for Ultimate Team in UFC 2 and invested in significant updates in UFC 3, our objective was to create deeply engaging experiences for our players, in the same way, EA SPORTS FIFA, Madden NFL, and EA SPORTS NHL Ultimate Team modes have for theirs. However, there are a number of factors that make team sports different from mixed martial arts. We based the final decision on two factors we felt were the most important:

    1. One of the most obvious ones is right there in the word, “team”. MMA is not a “team” sport (I know fighters have teams of coaches and trainers that play a huge role, but only two people step inside the octagon). So Ultimate Team, as a concept, has struggled to fit and resonate in the context of MMA. We spent lots of time and resources in UFC 2 and UFC 3 to make it fun and engaging, but the feedback we received directly and through player data was that it still isn’t as engaging as we intended for it to be.

    2. Speaking of player data; we see, overwhelmingly, less interest in UFC Ultimate Team compared to other titles. Lots of people played it and some still do – but the large majority of our fans prefer to spend their time elsewhere. That fact is loud and clear through our game data and couldn’t be ignored.

    Looking at the number of players engaging with UFC Ultimate Team compared to the amount of resources required to develop and support the mode, the math just didn’t make sense. Even to port it from UFC 3 to UFC 4 without any material changes or improvements required significant time and effort, let alone revamping the mode to make it more fun and engaging.

    So we made the decision to refocus those resources toward new features and updates we hope all our players will enjoy. In particular, the new Connected fighter profile, challenges, progression, vanity rewards and improvements to created fighter features represent the result of our efforts to create something new and unique to EA SPORTS UFC for all of our players.

    If you were, or are, an avid UFC Ultimate Team player we understand that this isn’t good news, and if you’re disappointed, I apologize. Even though it’s a smaller group of fans, we know that those fans enjoy the mode and it is not easy to take that away.

    But there’s also lots to be excited about. There are tons of new features and exciting innovations in UFC 4 and I’m excited about being able to share more information with you in the coming weeks. The team will also be monitoring your feedback and questions as we get closer to launch.

    Last but not least, I’ve included answers below to some of the most frequent questions we’ve received from you all. Hopefully, this helps everyone understand what’s coming.

    Stay tuned for more about the game. I can’t wait for you all to play it. And, as always, thank you for being part of our community!


    Brian Hayes
    Creative Director

    Community FAQ

    Can we expect to see major changes to Career mode?
    We saw a lot of community feedback asking for a more diverse and meaningful career mode. In UFC 4 you will have new tools and more control over your journey from unknown amateur to UFC Champion. The new fighter evolution feature will allow your character to grow based on the disciplines they use in training and in bouts. Additionally, we’ve expanded your control over your fighter’s career by allowing for more meaningful relationship building and more options for diverging career paths We are excited to share more detailed information on what’s coming to career mode in the coming weeks!

    Does UFC 4 stay true to its roots as an authentic MMA fight simulator?
    When we started developing UFC 4 one of our primary goals was to ensure we stayed true to a core UFC gameplay experience. We believe we’ve made big improvements using RPM technology and other core gameplay updates that will give players more control and accessibility to every phase of the fight.

    What are the biggest updates to UFC 4’s gameplay?
    A key update this year is the expansion of RPM technology. We initially introduced it in UFC 3 but it was limited to striking and locomotion. With UFC 4, we’ve expanded it across multiple areas, including our new fluid clinch system, updated takedowns, and additional striking variation. In addition, we’ve also added new ground and pound mechanics, and the grapple assist controls.

    What changes can be expected to grappling?
    Grappling was definitely a major focus for our team going into UFC 4. We wanted to make grappling more accessible from a control standpoint, which led us to develop the grapple assist option. Grapple assist is a new control option that makes it simpler for new players to get involved in the ground game. The legacy controls are still available for experienced players. In addition to that, we’ve added a number of new ground animations to improve the experience regardless of which control option you choose.

    What changes can be expected to submissions?
    We’ve overhauled the submission system in UFC 4 to create a simplified experience that activates two mini-games that pop up depending on what type of submission you’re in. We’ve also added the ability to strike during certain submissions, new submission chains, and new slams and exciting escapes from other submissions.

    What changes can be expected to takedowns?
    Based on community feedback, takedowns were another area of gameplay that we updated UFC 4. We’ve expanded the RPM technology into takedowns and that has allowed us to overhaul the mechanic in a way that we think players will enjoy. There are a multitude of new animations, from power carries and clean sprawls to all-new driving takedowns that will give players more control during these impactful wrestling moments.

    Are there any new game modes?
    Blitz Battles is a new fast-paced mode where players will compete against other players online in a rapid-fire tournament. These tournaments will change regularly with new rulesets that are designed to keep the experience and competition fresh. In addition to that, we’ve also added the option for combined weight classes in fight now, so you can take flyweights in against heavyweights if that’s your thing.

    Is there a ranked mode for online players?
    The online world championship mode will allow players to take their created fighter or one of the UFC fighters online and climb through divisions to chase the title. Regular rotations of weight divisions and improved matchmaking will allow for more diversity in fighter selection and more balanced competition.

    Is there a licensed fighter only ranked mode?
    No. Almost every mode allows players to use a created fighter or licensed fighter if they choose. One of our goals was to try and limit the number of ways we separated players from each other in an effort to provide balanced and unique experiences. This is one of the reasons we created fighter archetypes for created fighters. These ensure that playing with a created fighter does not provide a competitive advantage compared to playing with UFC fighters. The highest rated UFC fighters are still the best fighters in the game.

    Are there microtransactions in UFC 4?
    Yes, but only for cosmetic items and everything is also earnable by playing the game. We’re also offering players who skip preordering the game the chance to unlock Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua by completing Career Mode on the hardest difficulty, or they can also be purchased in the store. There are no randomized microtransactions in UFC 4.

    What updated customization options can be expected?
    Customization was a major focus for us in UFC 4, we wanted our players to have more freedom to express their personalities and creativity. We’ve added over 1600 new pieces of earnable gear and over 120 emotes. Using the all-new Connected Player Profile, players can complete challenges, earn experience, and unlock rewards.

    Will there be an increase in tutorial options?
    We know a lot of our players enjoy Career Mode so we introduced a new Amateur phase introduction and a new Sparring Challenge system to help people learn gameplay as they progress through a career. Practice Mode is still an option for players that want to drill techniques against a customizable AI opponent. A new Training Manual feature will include dozens of short videos on the ins and outs of striking offense, striking defense, ground offense, ground defense, submissions, health, and stamina.

    Will you have UFC 4 on Switch or PC?
    No, there are currently no plans to have UFC 4 on PC or Switch.

    Is UFC 4 coming to next-gen consoles?
    Currently, we are not working on UFC 4 for next-gen consoles. We're focused on finalising the game for current consoles. What we can say is that we're incredibly excited about new technology and the possibilities that come with it.

    Why wasn’t UFC 4 announced at EA PLAY?
    The situation with the COVID pandemic created some complications around our launch announcement plans. For a brief period, it wasn’t entirely certain when EA Play would happen or how. During that period of uncertainty, we partnered with the UFC to plan our official reveal during a big UFC fight card. Being great partners they put together a truly massive PPV in UFC 251. When it was determined that EA Play was actually happening, adjusting our plans would have been very challenging and essentially scuttle the plans that were already in place for UFC 251 and for which a lot of work had already been done.

    Honestly not all EA Sports Games need an Ultimate Team Mode. I'm happy it's not part of UFC 4. I'm not getting it anyways for Other reasons, but I'd rather lose Ultimate Team in UFC, it just doesn't fit in.
  • Are you guys ever going to fix the disappearing ref? Cause it was never fixed in UFC 3 and now the same in 4. Can we please get a normal ref that doesn't cast disappearing spells? Thanks.
  • EA_Blueberry
    4823 posts EA Community Manager
    Are you guys ever going to fix the disappearing ref? Cause it was never fixed in UFC 3 and now the same in 4. Can we please get a normal ref that doesn't cast disappearing spells? Thanks.

    I'll flag that down to them. I guess on the bright side it's better to see one disappearing rather than 4 of the same ref going into Round 3....
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