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Posturing up is DEVASTATING..And quite frankly, it should be.

Postured up GnP

This position is devastating IRL so it being that way in this game is alright with me, since the game has (apparently) increased the ability to defend GnP.

I still think this position needs some tweaking. It feels like there’s a timer on how long you can stay postured up, which is extended by alternating hands striking and mixing in successful straight punches with those heavy hooks. Why can’t we stay postured up?

Also, for these overzealous wrestlers; multiple multiple sequences where a fighter postures up and empty’s the tank going ballistic with punches NEEDS to be much more of a stamina draw for the postured up fighter!!! It’s a significant piece of MMA almost always spoken on by the commentary when a fighter goes crazy with GnP that ends up not finishing the fight. A fighter is not capable of posturing up and absolutely emptying the tank multiple times without being very gassed afterwards.

Takedown success should be tapered off for fighters who are gassed.

Bottom fighters in mount have almost no ability timing wise, to block the transition that breaks the hands and postures up into full mount postured.


  • But it’s not really devastating either , the whole timer and having your punches thrown automatically at times is not real . The ground and pound this year around is horrendous. If you don’t believe me look at the people that win with GNP they know it’s cheesy and there’s no opportunity for anything at the bottom at times besides wait . And that should never be a thing in the ground
    ame to wait during getting striked on like that .

    There are wrestlers like khabib and other that can throw there load and do it a few times .

    But the matter of the fact is the posture up system looks worse and feels weak then the last one they should of kept ufc 3 GNP system add the hook block with hands from 4 . And have it where you can throw big shots from the full guard or other positions Without having to posture up like this

  • IRL you absolutely do not see alot of fight end from mounted gnp these days and you rarely see it from postured up guard. Also postured up half guard is rare position anyway because anyone who has actually trained/competed knows half guard is not a position you stop at when escaping mount or side. You get to half and immediately turn to shrimp the other knee out with both hands and reclaim your full guard. The gnp also looks incredibly weak and so does the ko. It's like your guy just found out he suffers from narcolepsy. If the posture up was the same as ufc 3 it would've been better because the focus there is on picking your shots vs this tap one time to throw a never ending barrage.
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