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The “Post” to block GnP hooks has GOT to go

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This idea of using your forearm to block GnP is the worst new implementation this game has to offer. It doesn’t work and until the block meter or this defense technique is modified going to be putting the game down and playing NBA 2k instead. Can’t be GnP’d by an unskilled Colby Covington Online who can’t block a transition but can somehow posture up and just go nuts with GnP and get piles of victories that way.


  • What they need to do is work on the fluidity of switching from posting to swaying and vise versa. It has this janky awkward pause when trying to switch between them and with the outrageous input delay this game has due to it being p2p and not having dedicated servers makes it really hard to put in the correct defensive action.

    The switching between swaying and posting needs to be almost instant.
  • That’s a good solution IMO
  • YouPapi3o6
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    I made a suggestion that the post should be R2 and the left analog. Instead of L1 and the left analog. You would be able to let go of the post and immediately block. Correct me if I’m wrong it’s either the right or left analog lol.
  • No, it doesn’t need to go, EA just needs to fix that input delay and it will be easy to defend, also p2p connection doesn’t help either.
  • The timer ground and pound is what needs to go
  • mp2232
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    @BagginBrooks has shed some light on the input delay that I think is spot on. The delay is significant. Really bad
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  • @Dock-Zom totally agree. The timer is silly.

  • @Dock-Zom yeah that's just so weird if you can't pull the person down to yourself they just should be able to remain posture until you bring them down
  • I'd say scrap the new system and go back to ufc 3 style pick your shot gnp or close as you can get with the new system. Then drop the post in favor of alil stronger block an the ability to transition while getting punched in the face. Cause sometimes you have to eat a shot to shrimp out of full mount and get half guard back. That way we'll maintain an accumulative damage out you won't be froze in place after a punch. Also gnp stats should really matter. Their should be a major difference between a mark coleman gnp guy and a gsp gno guy.
  • In a real fight that’s called “giving an arm” which 9 times out of 10 results in the bottom guy getting finished with an armbar instantly
  • [quote="RottenRonnie83;c-2152417"]In a real fight that’s called “giving an arm” which 9 times out of 10 results in the bottom guy getting finished with an armbar instantly[/quote]

    100% something someone does when they want out of a fight. Roll to your side and hold an arm out while covering up with the other. Simply unrealistic for defense and if you watch alot of fights guys who's arm are reaching for their opponents when mounted are getting destroyed with gnp.

    Realistically you have to buck them up then turn to your hip as you shrimp two hands to one knee back to half at the most basic of defense. Also with the more talented grapplers they can continue the momentum to the opposite hip and reclaim full guard to get a breath.

    Should be a way to translate that to the game via grapple momentum.
  • The tR0LL aRmY hAz ArRiVEd AnD Oh B0Y dO tHeY hAVe sOmE tImE on ThEIr HaNdSs
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