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  • Also, Sam Alvey hasn’t looked like his model does since he was in high school. @EA_Blueberry tell the homies.
  • Add punches and takedowns in a wrestling clinch.
  • Add elbow pls..
  • EA_Blueberry
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    An update went live! Official patch notes will be posted soon.
  • An update went live! Official patch notes will be posted soon.

    I'm still kind of bum out on this update There still so much to be fix and patch but I guess Rome wasn't built in a day.
  • Another patch and STILL no mention of Rag doll animations, this will be yet another disappointing update.😒

    I just don't get it EA, we are now three patches in and you have yet to implement rag doll animations; this has been a highly requested feature since day one so what's the reason for yet again not including them in the current patch?
  • I didn't notice any stamina drain for constant forward pressure spam. Shame. I'm about done unfortunately 😔
  • So, I just installed an update, and the most noticeable change I'm seeing are ads for Amazon's "The Boys" that are now showing up on the main menu of UFC 4, and in certain pre-fight graphics in UFC 3. Is there a chance we'll see any of the suggested changes to UFC 4's CAF system in a future patch?
  • Patch notes stolen from discord

    **Full Notes 2.03 Pt. 1**
    Hello EA SPORTS UFC fans!

    An emergency patch (2.03) for EA SPORTS UFC 4 was just released. Make sure to download the update from your respective console. With this patch, we aimed to address a significant bug affecting many members of the community (purple screen bug) as well as various elements of gameplay. The full patch notes can be found at the bottom of this page.

    The purple screen bug has been a top priority for the team since it was first reported and it has been challenging to pinpoint the exact cause. The fix we implemented in this patch should eliminate or greatly reduce the frequency of occurrence for the bug, but we will continue to monitor its status and make changes if necessary.

    For gameplay, we addressed some significant issues affecting ground and pound in the patch. There were a few bugs we fixed that were impacting the player’s ability to defend against a postured opponent. We also nerfed the stamina recovery rate for ground and pound which will help the defender to better capitalize on stamina advantages. Additionally, you will see fixes and balancing for some of the choke submissions (looking at you headlock). There are more gameplay tuning/fixes coming in a future patch that will look to address other pieces of community feedback.

    The team has been reviewing and working to address many areas of community feedback outside of gameplay. One of the most common questions we’ve seen has been around when new fighters will be added to the game. Adding new fighters to the game is one of the more time-intensive processes and it’s something that we have been working to prioritize. We are looking to roll out the first new fighter additions in the coming weeks, and we plan to continue evaluating community feedback to add more in the future.

    We want to thank all of our players for their passionate feedback and we are excited to continue working with the community on improving the game!
  • Full notes coming soon.
  • __**Full Notes 2.03 Pt. 2**__
    **1. Fixed stability issues related to the purple screen bug.**
    **2. Removed haptic feedback from online modes. **
    **3. Fixed exploit with Cage Back Clinch drives**
    **4. Fixed a bug where headlock stamina drain was excessive:
    ** • For these special clinch positions, there is an intended stamina drain that was
    unnecessarily continuing during the animation of their follow-up move. In the case of
    the headlock, the stamina drain incorrectly continued during any guillotine entry
    animation. For backpack, the drain continued during the rear naked choke, back sitting
    takedown, and back drop animations. The stamina drain during these animations will no
    longer occur and this should make the headlock and backpack much more balanced.
    **5. Fixed various issues with ground and pound defense against flurries:**
    • Fixed an issue where defenders were unable to block immediately after posting in
    ground and pound.
    • Fixed an issue where players were unable to successfully post strikes after successful
    blocks in ground and pound.
    **6. Fixed an issue with blocking after being hit during ground and pound:**
    • Fixed a bug where after a clean hit, follow-up punches that varied by type, side, or target
    would bypass the block and deal full damage despite the blocking animation looking
    **7. Fixed an issue with damage received after posting strikes in ground and pound:**
    • This fix might not yet cover all instances of attacks bypassing posting. We are
    continuing to monitor and investigate such issues.

    __**Full Notes 2.03 Pt. 3**__
    **8. Reduced rate of stamina recovery during ground and pound:**
    • Stamina recovery during ground and pound used to be much faster than in the ground
    game (tight positions). This made it harder for the defender to capitalize on a stamina
    advantage they gained during ground and pound because the attacker could easily
    recover stamina by idling for just a short time. We’ve tuned the ground and pound
    stamina recovery rate so that is similar to that of the ground game. This mostly benefits
    the defender by making ground and pound reversals and the special transitions out of
    ground and pound more viable.
    **9. Tuned stamina and damage on the back drop takedown:**
    • The stamina drain from the backpack no longer applies during the back drop animation.
    • Reduced the stamina cost of performing the back drop.
    • Opponents will now take body damage and incur some stamina drain from the slam.
    **10. Fixed an issue where escaping choke submissions drained too much stamina:**
    • Escaping a deep choke - when the attacker has a lot of progress it is supposed to drain a
    considerable amount of temporary stamina and only a small amount of permanent
    stamina. A bug has been fixed where some choke escapes could result in a large
    amount of permanent stamina being drained from the defender.

    __**Full Notes 2.03 Pt. 4**__
    **11. Added ability for the sub fighter to trigger an immediate escape after denying the
    backpack transition:**
    • Prior to this fix, the backpack could be attempted several times in a row, despite being
    denied and while the opponent would be trying to escape. This was unfair, as each of
    these denials would provide the dominant fighter one more chance to perform a mix-up.
    This situation also encouraged the submissive fighters to attempt to cease this
    relentless attack by trying to transition to cage single under, which is not the proper
    counter to the backpack - as the backpack tends to win the race if the moves are
    attempted at the same time. After the fix, one denial of the backpack is enough to grant
    the submissive fighter an immediate escape from the cage back clinch.
    **__12. Fixed an issue with the stamina drain on headlock denials:__**
    • Previously, headlock attempts drained the defender more than the attacker, even when
    denied early. This issue allowed headlock to be an overpowered tactic. Now, an early
    denial will significantly drain the attacker and will not drain the defender at all.
    **__13. Added stamina tax to the attacker for low single takedown denial:__**
    • This takedown was missing the stamina drain to the attacker when a denial happens. It
    had the drain from attempting but not from being denied. Now it has the correct
    stamina drain from the denial.
    **__14. Fixed an issue causing takedown feints to count in stats:__**
    • Takedown feints were counting towards total takedown attempts in post-fight stats
    causing confusion, especially for AI matches.

    **A small tuner also just went live following the release of Emergency Patch 2.03, here's the details:**
    **1. Clinch - Increased vulnerability on clinch entry:**
    • Entry vulnerability was too low allowing users to attempt the clinch with little risk of
    being countered. The increased vulnerability is significant for frontal strikes (jabs,
    straights, superman punch, front body kicks). This change will make countering clinch
    entries deal more damage and help to deter clinch spam.
    **2. Fixed an issue for alternating ground and pound hooks that was allowing them to be
    faster than intended**
    **3. Added clinch to Wanderlei Silva’s moveset**
    **4. Added submissions to Cynthia Calvillo moveset**
    **5. Updated Ben Askren’s fight record**
  • Gameplay was a little better for me after the update. I would like to see some CAF updates in the next patch. CAF move edits, more colors for UFC gear and additional items such as hand wraps, boxing gloves, shin guards and ankle wraps is a big need for me.
  • Really good patch thank you EA <3
  • headache06
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    edited September 2020
    Agreed. Good Patch, Thanks. Please keep it up,
  • Good to see an acknowledgement of the fighters that will be added. That's certainly a plus. Hopefully the CAF issues get some love in the near future.
  • Could EA PLEASE let us use our CAFs in Fight Now and in offline tourneys
  • Please, you should not allow us to see who we'll fight on the ranked match. By doing that, the fighter who has lost a couple of fights could skip the match. That's not cool at all..
  • SklallamBear
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    edited September 2020
    They fixed some broken stuff that never should have seen the release date...and now we should be happy? No this game is so hollow it’s sad 😞 we all waited for the next great mma game and we got a shell of ufc 3 and a waisted opportunity.
    I will not be preordering or buying another EA mma game if the licensing is renewed....tired of wishing and especially waiting
  • hahahablya wrote: »
    Give Wanderlei Silva a light heavyweight clinch. Give a unique celebration of the victory Junior Dos Santos , Dan Henderson , Lyoto Machida , Edson Barbosa , Vitor Belfort . Give Adesaniya cartwheel a kick .

    Bro all the fighters should have atleast one good signature celebration, Anthony Smith has none of the celebrations that he’s actually done in real life which is crazy to me

    EA just doesn’t care
  • EA_Blueberry
    4742 posts EA Community Manager
    Gameplay was a little better for me after the update. I would like to see some CAF updates in the next patch. CAF move edits, more colors for UFC gear and additional items such as hand wraps, boxing gloves, shin guards and ankle wraps is a big need for me.

    Thank you for the support. We'll have more to come with official patch notes soon.

    No plans to stop any updates so keep the conversation going on what you want to see added or changed in the game. We'll keep sending it their way so they can digest it for future updates.
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