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This video can show to the dev team what we want

This guy comparing those 2 games , I think he is right at many points , because right now I feel the game is a little bit empty and shouldn’t be like this on 2020 .
If you don’t care about that just telling us we will stop wasting our time on feedback because if you barely listen what we are asking that’s make no sens for us to stay here . I expect a complete 4th ufc game helped by 6/7 previous ufc game . So please dew som abou wi


  • Fix the TKO because the guy should not be out and still protecting himself early stoppage
  • they honestly need to scrap these new systems, they won't because they are airheads. Clinch absolutely sucks, 4 positions vs about 8 in the last game. Ground and pound is laughably horrible. There is no constructive criticism to give, scrap it. sub change was completely pointless. Don't expect any changes though. They put ads in before they let us choose our weight class online. They just don't care. That's why it has been radio silence from the devs on anything we ask about. They don't have anything to say, because they aren't going to change anything. In a month they will release some crappy dlc with 4 fighters and 100 new pairs of digital clothes. They don't want to make games, they want to make money. I
    m starting to think these devs should have went toward the financial industry rather than ruin games.
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