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Requests (Will add as I go)

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Some of these may of been mentioned before but here we go:

Should add the option to touch gloves while the referee gives us instructions.

Either change the pre fight animations to something more realistic (pacing back and forth, trash talking, etc) or remove them entirely.

Choosing your post fight animations are cool but should be given the option to choose as soon as you submit or KO your opponent. The way it is now is after you submit or KO your opponent your fighter will automatically do a celebration, then you choose, and then it stops, and then plays your animation. It’s not a very a smooth transition.

What happened to weigh ins and press conferences? I’m the UFC WW champ and have yet to experience these. Weren’t these supposed to be included?

Stamina drain is drastic - my stamina shouldn’t be depleted to almost zero when pushing my opponent to the cage with a driving takedown. The same goes for swaying and having a transition denied. I’ve trained in BJJ for years and I’ve never became more tired from my opponent stopping me from going into butterfly guard.

Would like more first, last, and nicknames to choose from that Bruce buffer can say.

Tyson Fury’s introduction needs to be re recorded as it sounds like a create a characters name and no effort was put into it at all. “Tyson....Fury...” should be more like “Tyyyson, Fuuuuuuryyyy!!!”

What’s up with the crowd? I feel like the seats are empty for every fight (including title fight slugfests) can we get an option to up the crowd??

Also I forgot the career mode companion’s name but can we maybe put him in some fight gear when he’s in my corner instead of leaving him in his blue shirt and camo pants? He looks like some homeless dude off the street next to my other cornermen that wear UFC gear.
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