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Looking for even one single player who likes CAF system

I haven't seen a single player who likes the archeotypes on any forum.I can't imagine the beta testers did not complain about this.EA can not call this create a fighter in there advertisement this is FALSE it is at best create a image so say that.This can't be fixed too many moves have changed to implement ufc 3 caf system a complete overhaul is very unlikely and probably impossible.The archeotypes have different moves in different modes like kickboxers have front kick in tournament and event mode and roundhouse kick in other mode.Archeotypes are to weak for online play and career fighters can't be used after retirement.All this leaves is roster fighters not exactly what reviewers called a new and exciting revamp of created fighter.Sorry for the length of this post thanks for reading it


  • I bought UFC 4 and UFC 3, and UF2. Sadly the in-game ads was the last straw for me. I wish I could get a refund. But silly me for buying the 4th installment. I really can't blame EA at this point. I'm the one that let them psyche me out 4 times!!! What a dope I am. :/ I'll never buy another EA sports product, until or unless they have new management, a new CEO, new CFO, new marketing people etc. Here's the deal mate, right now, I'm literally playing THQ's UFC Undisputed 3 Title Defense mode. I just defended my title against a very aggressive Lyoto Machida (fun match).

    I don't play online. I play single player, or locally with friends and family. I thought the Tournament mode for EA's UFC 3, and UFC 4 was a step in the right direction. I had kind-a talked some of my friends into playing EA's UFC 3 tournament mode. We would get together and between friends and family could put together an 8 man tournament. Good times., But everyone was able to design and save their own CAF and that's what everyone used when we got together. Switch to UFC 4 and now all we have is the archetypes, no ability to add moves, customize moves, or even reassign current moves to different buttons. This sux. Can't use Career mode fighters in off line tournament mode, or event mode (and those are the two modes I would play with friends and family) So I have UFC 4, and since I can't get a refund , all I can hope for is a patch one day., I check back on this forum every so often to see if there's news.

    I'm very disappointed with the game because of the inability to customize CAFs or use Career Mode fighters in other offline modes. I really like the new stages they added. The backyard stage and the kumite stage are kewl, I like the new submission system , and clinch system. But those alone are not enough to keep me playing UFC 4. And when I tried to make them enough I got hit with in-game ads. And if I'm going to play an older title, rather than play EA's UFC 3, me my mates and family will just play THQ's UFC 3 Undisputed. It looks totally awesome on a 50 inch 4k TV and it sounds good in surround sound.

    The real true and largest market for this game is with people who play single player modes, and offline modes with friends and family. For some reason EA's marketing manager who literally makes millions of dollars a year hasn't been able to figure that out and make sure the game has a User Experience and User Interface, and Feature set that appeals to that market segment.

    The Metacritic.com scores are tanking (1.9 last I saw) on EA UFC 4 like they did for Madden 21. I don't know what EA is thinking. The new submission system, the new clinch system, the new stages are a good start, but if we can't use our own CAFs or Career fighters in those modes its totally a non starter.

    Even YongYea cast emphasizes the lack of features EA UFC 4 has in comparison THQ's UFC3 Undisputed from 8 years ago

    And the in-game add thing was just shameful. I mean what were there going even use the money from the in-game ads for? :o EA can't be making the argument that they need micro-transactions and in-game adds to pay for continued patches. Not when the executives are making salaries like:


    I really, really wanted to like UFC 4. Even the music IMO was on the right track. But they dropped the ball on offline modes and customization big time. All we can do now if hope that EA will take some those millions they're paying upper management and invest in some patches for UFC4 :'(
  • Thank you brother i 100% agree with every thing you wrote.you said it better than i ever could.I also am playing THQ 3 i forgot how much better it is than all EA ufc games.You rock brother
  • I bought UFC 4 and UFC 3, and UF2. ..

    Nailed it.

    The more I played this game the narrower it got and the more obvious the lack of effort became.

    The online even is spammy, cheesy and not fun.

    huge failure of a product and looking like a terrible year for EA games.
  • I put on 3000 hours on UFC 3 but there just is not anything to play for in UFC 4 as you cant work on your fighter. Just mindless ranked competition with clinch spam... I have not touched the game in two weeks.
  • ufc 4 worst of all parts of ufc broken game lands in the trash
  • I like that it limits the cheesy **** characters in ranked, but ideally CAF would not even be allowed in ranked, only in quick and other modes.
  • saintdavid21
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    Do I want my guy to have an overhand or a haymaker? Snap jab or backfist? Hmmm, straight, Celtic cross or looping cross? Oh wait...I can’t choose that anymore. Actually I can in career mode but I never get to use that guy again once he retires. Awesome EA. Makes a lot of sense. Once again, just like in Madden, EA caters only to the online world. It’s not create a fighter...it’s create an avatar with chains and gladiator heads and hundreds of tops that serve no purpose. The best part of creating a FIGHTER is assigning his move set, perks and attributes. Nothing about CAF makes any sense. Done with all EA games as well.
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  • [quote="TGFPdan;c-2153825"]I like that it limits the cheesy **** characters in ranked, but ideally CAF would not even be allowed in ranked, only in quick and other modes.[/quote]

    I havent noticed any limits on cheesy characters in ranked...just about every division 20 fighter I go against has a helmet or animal head, animated clothes and a necklace. I hope that changes, you should be able to pick a load out for Kumite and backyard but OWC should be more realistic.
  • I don't know how archetype system works in online modes since I don't play them, but in offline it's a total disaster. You can't change literally nothing in your skillset. No skills, no perks, no moves - how ridiculous is that? I get that they did this for not using OP CAF's in online, but for offline modes it should go away and they should fix it ASAP. At the moment this is absolutely the biggest flaw of the entire game for me, and judging from comments here, not only for me.
  • Needs to go away in general!! Imagine using your career fighter and only fighting other people’s career fighters or even starting off how the career does but to rank up we fight each other instead of ai! Would be so dope that’s what owc should be and ranked should be for people who want to use actual ufc fighters. I miss how ultimate team was on ufc 2 only because we used our cafs and built them using cards... ufc 3 ruined that with you being able to use ufc fighters and being limited based on what card you had but damn do I miss how ufc 2’s ultimate team was.
  • thanks for all your comment's.i wanted to talk to you guy's EA has banned me 3 times for posting stuff like this or telling people why moderaters keep banning me.good luck guy's im done on this forum
  • Can't remember the last sports game that didn't have CAFS has to be like 15 years ago probably more

    Whatever think yukes is making new mma game EA UFC bout to disappear like NBA LIVE 😂
  • This game has been horrible for offline players. As much as this has already been said Archeotypes have to go for offline. And for the love of god give the women more body types in caf!
  • Still not one player wants archeotypes for offline play.How did this happen?For online just make caf and roster fighters fight in different divisions and one for all fighters.This is what everyone wants!!!!!!!
  • Still looking!!!!!!!
  • vexilleAPPLESEED
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    Champ__7 wrote: »
    Still looking!!!!!!!

    You are not going to find any offline players that like the archetypes. The archetypes were created expressly for online players and to the advantage of online play. The archetypes were created to solve all of the crying online about OP CAFs. The change to archetypes instead of user created CAFs demonstrated that the online players are more important to EA than the offline players :|

    I suspect the sales figures for UFC 4 will educate EA about the fact that the largest market for UFC games is the offline player. And if there is any chance for the online community to thrive, EA will have to make the offline players happy first. If EA doesn't satisfy the offline players, word of mouth will kill the game, and online UFC4 will become a ghost town. :'(
  • No its trash its useless online and offline. Lmao
  • I agree with you vixille they don't get how many people play offline.Almost all online players have CAF on ufc 3 and play to some degree offline.How can they not know?I think its a bottlenecking strategy to get us online.
  • They had best launch sale of all the ufc games

    They don't care about offline

    Not once have they updated offline in this franchise

    Get ready for endless clothes and animal heads and post fight celebrations cause thats all we gettin

  • Truth this is
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