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Subs are so hard or is it me

made my fighter a BJJ, im 15 career fights in but i can not submit no matter what i do... i adjust the AI bars, no luck....on easy mode i re adjust the bars, still cant submit... my CAF has 5 stars submission and 4 top game what else do i need to do, or is the submission system broken


  • It's not just you, its just a bad change. they aren't tuned at all yet. You have to remember the old system went through roughly 6 years of refinement, they tossed it out the window for this slop and its going to be slop for a long time.
  • I fought mark coleman in a fight now match with the computer on the normal difficulty and was able to get up once. The rest he just countered every transition, even the ones I'd fake. I finally kicked his head off his shoulders ala maurice smith. The tuners are definitely broken though.
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