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Hide your opponents choice

This was a staple of ufc 3. Everyone should know that styles make fights in mma. And it's no different in EA ufc. Unranked is one thing. But for ranked/owc, you need to implement hiding the choice of the opponent.too many times an opponent just waits for me to pick first so they can pick the worst matchup possible for that person. This should be a simple fix for you


  • I completely agree. I don't understand why this isn't a thing in UFC 4 when it was in UFC 3. Every game is just both players waiting until the last possible second to choose their fighters. It's silly.
  • I totally agree.
  • Don't agree in real ufc you.know.who you.are fighting and if you want to fight them.

    Only ground spammers like hiding
  • I love it, don't have to wonder if I made a mistake by picking clay guida against mcgregor. I would like to use all fighters but online trends towards only the top three being played by most.
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