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Still be matched against people ten+ divisons ahead of me

So over a month in and not a single thing to address your matchmaking **** show. Just got ranked against someone in division 18 when I am in D8.

Ideally you should be matching people in Division 5 against other people in Division 5 (This is probably impossible with the way you made one fight move you three divisions, so potentially cutting down on 20 divs back down to the 1-7 that the last game had.)

If matchmaking takes longer than 30 seconds, let them be matched with someone +/- 2 divisions. If matchmaking takes longer than one minute, make it +/-5. There is absolutely no reason for people separated by 5+ divisions being matched up in OWC. If that means longer wait time for OWC that is OKAY. The point of the mode is to get matched against similar skilled opponents and attempt to climb the ladder. It's really **** hard to climb the ladder when I am on the first few rungs going against people at the top.

These changes (along with weight class selection and 5 round title fights) would make OWC a real mode again. This is just another case of the devs changing a system for the sake of change only to churn out a much inferior system. This seems to be the modus operandi for this dev team.


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