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Game is dead imo

Literally everyone does the same thing break block 1 1 hook or head kick you can literally be beating some one and get ko by some doing this it’s annoying this game really only is fit for spammers no reward for fighting smart or technical you get rewarded by spamming or just throwing and idk about you guys but stamina still feels like an issue at times I’ve played games where dude throw 140 and up in the first round and I’ll throw less but they’ll still have more stamina! I don’t get it


  • Everyone did the.block.break in ufc.3.also.

    The answer is removing the bars.off.the.screen. not sure why you can see other players . health bars.

    Because jab straight jab straight is a combo and it uses less stamina than kicking.
  • Dead is an understatement, this game an absolute disaster. Someone should shut this project down lol
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