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The punches just keep coming

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edited October 2020
Div 7 and up then just keep punching. Your fighter feels like a brick can't get out the way even then its luck.

Take Down block doesn't work if you are already holding head block lmao so you get taken down all the time or head spammed


  • You Right it doesn’t work nothing in this game works games a **** nightmare rn bro
  • All ufc games have had soammers
    All wwe games spammers.

    I blame the player base its utter trash you have players taunting non stop which dana white said he doesn't want in real ufc..

    Spam and glitch to win.

    All online games are same
  • I get that put the game Is so broken that those who spam are highly rewarded because of stamina issues block issues clinch issues and so on....I like the clinch just needs to be tweaked and have spammers be more vulnerable some with jab straight jab straight fighters a stamina and minor block tweak would fix that and I say minor because tbh it only seems much worse because ppl can continually throw and not lose that much stamina idk but it’s a few patches away from having all these cheeser having to learn how to really play or they jus gonna f over them selfs but you are definitely right almost every game is like that but they fix the problems faster than ea does. Cod had a new glitch and that sht got patched fast ****!
  • EA_Blueberry
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    An update dropped with changes to striking. Let us know what you think.
  • An update dropped with changes to striking. Let us know what you think.

    Its still the same spam fest.
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