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Online player’s suggestion thread.

Online players, put all of your constructive criticisms and suggestions in this thread.


  • One of the issues in online is input lag, it's not game breaking on the feet, but you really feel it in the ground and pound from both defensive and offensive position, it makes it very hard to react in real time. I accept the new system won't change, but it would be helpful if we had access to the finish the fight mini game to practice offense and defense
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    Stickied your post and other one for Offline players. Looking forward to passing along constructive thoughts in both threads.
  • - Kumite and Backyard venues in OWC. I understand it’s “Online World Championship” but if CAF’s can fight fully clothed with crazy hats and gold chains then those venues shouldn’t take from the legitimacy of OWC.

    - Elbows/hammer fists from some postured positions

    - Some kind of change to ground posture timer and punch limit. Maybe adding ability for fighter on bottom to pull down postured fighter without a timer, and ability for top postured fighter to deny that transition. Get rid of punch limit and timer.
  • Let players have legacy striking controls option please!
  • New striking controls is not intuitive.
    Throwing left kick instead of right by holding button for example.

    Some punch button configurations now activate leg kicks.
    Don’t understand logics of that thing.

    Holding button strikes are unresponsive.
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