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It took me 7.hours.to.grt 100 point to 800

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edited November 2020
Why do you only get 3 points a win. But div2 and up you fly up the divisionsI can beat players who. Fight without spam but spammers.just knock me out 449 again.

I was.in div 9 about.4.days.ago meaning.matchmaking is broken 100%

I'm close to quitting if its.not.people spamming they spam.head.movement. grounds.broken again clinch is.weak


  • BruceLee2029
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    edited November 2020
    You also for some reason get 0 points sometimes and if you beaten the player before you get 3 points total.

    But if you lose you lost 9 to 150 points. You always lose more than you can win.

    On my main account division 1

    I play on another account in division 15 because I was lucky enough to get out of division 1. And that is bad for.new players because I shouldn't be in division 1

    Owc is broken
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