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Al can't choke me

Hello, EA. I write through an online translator. Al can't choke me. I play on legendary difficulty, but even with zero stamina scale, Al can't suffocate me,I just twist the stick ,I can even close my eyes. Another flaw is when a fighter moves from one submission to another, his scale should increase compared to his opponent,so that the fighter gets a better position when moving from one submission to another. I also can't subdue Al at the legendary difficulty level, I used to know that if I took away the opponent's stamina,I could subdue them,but now it's just not real. As a result ,I don't try to subdue Al and I'm not afraid of his submission, I just fight in the rack. You just broke the ground floor, killed the interest of your subordination. Please fix it.


  • Its hard to choke anyone online even a low skill 4 star boxer. Because the system is too easy to.get out of.
  • LiveEnemies
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    edited December 2020
    Too me the armbar mini games much worse especially to win via arm bar mini game,but i agree the entire submission mini game In ea ufc 3 was WAY better imo.
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