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Let's Talk: How to Become a Top Player in UFC 4 - Patience Stance

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Hey, UFC 4 players.

We have a video below brought to you by UFC fan "Pryoxis". He goes over how to deal with an aggressive striking opponent with two crucial tips: Patience and changing up your stance to mirror theirs.

What would you have done differently during the fight and do you have any tips of your own on how to approach this style of fighting?
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  • I'm not taking any advice from him. Martial Minds beat him so bad at the tournament...he back at Lvl 1 again lol
  • Lol it’s a video game don’t be one of those guys seriously bro I like them both
  • IDK that dude is making all type of excuse right after lol.
  • First time poster here -- hi, I'm Zyaf, an ESFL player and big UFC 4 fan.

    The biggest problem that Pryoxis has in his gameplay and the mistake you can see throughout this video is the lack of an offense to offer back at his opponent. Although he does get the win, this is purely because he had superior timing and was much more patient than his opponent. When Pry strikes, it's always his turn, my turn, his turn, my turn -- he very rarely interrupts or counters his opponent. Because of this, Pry usually has difficulty putting his opponent away because when he gets rocks they're not hard ones, simply just 3 piece stuns.

    The major problem with not being able to put your opponent away in this game is that we all know how weak the block is and how strong the GNP is. By not countering and not offering much in the way of head damage offense, you are giving multiple chances to your opponent to allow them to rock you, drop you, and finish the fight.
  • This sounds good and Pryoxis is legit, but I've seen him get knocked out by this exact type of player in a more recent video. I don't mean to hold on to UFC 3 but i can't help but compare, back in the ufc3 days when guys would come out blasting like this i would block and then dodge the last strike of his combo and counter, I'm not saying that's impossible in 4 but because of the stamina balance is harder than it needs to be, i used to say sways and counter body shots were the way to go but body shots don't seem to drain your opponents stamina in a meaningful way anymore
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