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UFC Match Maker Mode

This is all Great and I love what EA has done over the years with the UFC. However as a super fan I feel as though there should be a Match Maker Mode in witch the player can create at his own PPV and the games tracks fighter ranking and allows players to control the ratings. How It would work is that as a Match Maker you will help Dana white pick the fights for on a month to month baisis similar to the WWE games in “Universe Mode” so you would pick the fight cards for 2 fight night events a month then at the end you create the PPV as well.
This will eliminate us as players having to create a new/multiple Events in create event mode that take so much time and you guys can eliminate this. Creating this new mode that keeps up with fighter rankings in all divisions and creating your own UFC champions will be more fun also bring back the doctor coming in between rounds to check on cuts, doctor stoppage and being able to knock the mouthpiece out of the other players mouth.More realistic reference stoppages. UFC4 is great but missing these simple things I feel is why this is not the ultimate MMA game the Real life characteristics will go a long way. Also put back the ability to select different color fighter shorts like the other games put it back on playing with a fighter in the same gear can drag its not realistic.


  • Ive been calling for this for a long time but it seems as though online players of the game are the only focus which is understandable but considering 2k can nail this with there wwe games surely ea are able to, especially changing fightsr trunks and champions i never understand why it was taken off in the first place
  • a_slam9
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    God I would love this
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