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Please focus on this on ufc 5.

We want more customization for CAF online. The most exciting part of an online fighting game is using CAF that you have built. Uniqueness! But CAF’s need to be 5 star ⭐️. I get having a cap on them as far as attributes, but let us spend the cap points how we want on the fighter. And also the moves. The use of created fighters online is wack! They are preset and very basic! Plus only 4 star so the normal fighters in every division are better, so it discourages the use of CAF’s online. Although people would love to use them more. The absolute most exciting part of fighting someone online, is using your own UNIQUE BUILD. Just like NBA 2k, MLB, and every game where you create a player for online! Focus more on this PLEASE EA!!! Please please please please!!!!!! That would elevate your sales and overall popularity of the game!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks! All love to EA Sports! I grew up playing your games and y’all have always been a part of my life!!!!


  • The problem with this is why MUT failed. You have people who will micro transaction their way to having full stats. Then that gives lopsided advantages to those willing to pay astronomical amounts on a video game(like NBA 2k). I think everyone should have the same amount of points to allocate to the attributes they want to build. We should be allowed to build our own moveset. However to get to your moves to level five, we should have to play to earn it. Also CAF Ranked should be it's own thing.
  • The most important thing is that there will be a replay option, because what there is now is a total scam.
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