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EA UFC 5, Not Buying?

I honestly see so many other options coming I'd rather through my money at. It the next game is aimed at casuals they can have it.


  • Like I said , people enjoyed ufc 3 , why ? Because ufc 3 was a huge improvement after ufc 2 and ufc 3 got strongs updates after release which include new animations , new finishes , new referee interaction etc.
    That’s why people trusted ufc 4
    This time we’ve got ufc 4 and this time i think 80% of us rejected it .
    3 rounds title fight against sub zero , no content updates except roster ( basical)
    No more clinch game , no more elbows on the gnp , no more finish after ragdoll etc
    People trusted ufc 4 because they though updates will come .
    This time lot of people will not pay the full price 60$ or 70e and will wait ufc 5 full patched and decide to get it or not .
    Why ? Because playing a ufc game isn’t interesting no more , when you are disgusted by something hard to come back .
    Casuals are not like us , they don’t do ton of search like us , if they didn’t like ufc 4 they will absolutely don’t care about ufc 5 , just because they already have a ufc game .
    This time no more lockdown , no more big name hype .
    Even if the game is good people will remember what they did to us . It’s not a free to play it’s an expensive game of one of the most famous mma organisation .

  • i think EA Should go back to the drawing board & wait until they can make the proper changes to UFC 5 like when they had the long period between 2 & 3. I just got UFC 4 via EA Play/XBox Game Pass & It's just not worth it. I feel like they cut a lot of fighters out & did a ton of recycling. It's not good & It's a good thing I didn't shill the money out to buy it like I did for 3 especially when they haven't changed much (Like I wish career mode I can see all the shows & bouts in the UFC & not just mine, which seems like has been EA's Calling card of "Only your fight that you fight in you can see & everything else is just randomness" since EA MMA 10 years ago, hey EA, STOP THAT GARBAGE!)
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