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  • @EA_Blueberry I’ve confirmed on the game that the wrong version of Jared Cannonier was updated. His MW stats for Recovery, Kick Speed, and Switch stance are the same as before but the LHW version increased. He hasn’t fought as a LHW since 2018.
  • Part of the problem with that is there is currently no body block from some or all ground bottom positions. That would need to be added as well if they increase damage to body shots on the ground.
  • Al Hassan and Marquez have been out for quite a bit.
  • Not if the CAF’s can be fully clothed with hats and gold chains. Shouldn’t diminish the product at all and last I checked no major MMA promotion does fights in backyard cage or kumite temple so we’re safe there as far as copying a competitor.
  • Yeah I don’t think we’re really on the same page about this. I wasn’t expecting a masterpiece when I purchased UFC 4 or any game for that matter. Just looking for some fun and competition. It’s the same thing I get from all games I purchase, most are $60. Yes this game has some issues, but all do. $60 well spent IMO.
  • It would be great if they were included in OWC.
  • As far as budget and resources I just meant how big or small of a priority UFC probably is to EA compared to the rest of their products. Next gen here too.
  • I agree with you about pandemic but they owe us nothing. The $60 was a mutual transaction, you give them money they give you video game. Hours of enjoyment for the price of a decent meal out for 2-3 people. I’ve never spent a dime on UFC micro transactions, they’ve always provided plenty of free content for their UFC…
  • Maybe the contract was only for X amount of games but I like that idea. It’s year round and UFC’s roster changes more frequently than other sports. Maybe that’s also a reason they don’t though, budget wise, motion caption, paying the fighters, etc.
  • @EA_Blueberry I think the wrong version of Jared Cannonier may have been updated recently but I’m not sure. With the latest stat changes DC said their would be increases to Cannonier’s Recovery, Kick Speed, and Switch Stance. On the fighter select screen “Top Fighter” view the MW Cannonier stayed at the bottom of the…
  • @Marc110_98 put me on to using the push(RT+X+A or R2+◾️+X) to deny the clinch attempt. It seems to work pretty good. It does use a little stamina though similar to sway. I 100% agree with your line about GNP timer and elbows/hammerfists.
  • I feel like #4 is huge and they’ve done it before with EA MMA. I was a bigger fan of THQ’s UFC Undisputed games at the time but the ability to have online fight cards with friends and spectate them forced me to play EA MMA quite a bit(that and King Mo of course). I think that would be the greatest addition for the next…
  • I understand man. I guess my thinking behind it is just say thanks for the stuff they did right and are improving on with patches and FREE content(whether we like the content or not), and respectfully make suggestions on ways to improve. Somebody 💩ing on your work that doesn’t have any authority over it/you probably won’t…
  • I feel this game has gotten better with the patches and feels more competitive now. Maybe with the response they’re getting from this one they’ll do better with the next. Just try to provide some good suggestions on how to change things. It may do more to change things than you just saying you’re not buying the next game.
  • I think the body damage/drain feels fine. You have to be good at mixing up your strikes to be effective to the body, keep your opponent guessing.
  • Would be cool if that was the CAF OWC mode. EA clearly wanted the CAF’s to be integrated with in-game fighters though. Really I just want to play on backyard and kumite but OWC is all I play so I never see them 😥
  • Welterweight: - Geoff Neal - Vincente Luque Lightweight: - Michael Chandler Bantamweight: - Merab Dvalishvili
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