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  • They intended the game to be for spammers the stamina and ground game tells it all💯
  • It's insane bro 😳don't understand why they haven't fixed this problem it's been like this since the game dropped and according to @EA_Blueberry it isn't complained about enough for immediate actions to be token place. Meanwhile if you scroll through the posts you see it's flooded with same complaint 🤷🏽‍♂️
  • There's no reason why someone's stamina or power isnt reduced when legs or body are seriously damaged. Its literally what isreal did to costa and yeol. Our heavy weight championship also used body shots to drain dc out of energy. This is real life mma tactics for aggressive competition if there's no way to utilize skill to…
  • @EA_Blueberry I thought this wasn't heavily complaint about? So what is all this and this is only within the week let alone its been talked about since the game droped. At least reward technical players for the hard work they're doin because it makes no sense how someone can get tagged for the entire fight then gets lucky…
  • Unfortunately body shots aren't complaint enough about according to @EA_Blueberry so there for it doesn't matter if its a fact or not. How can something so real be avoided because it isn't mentioned. This is mma ufc not mortal combat. Fighting isn't fun nor is it fare for technical players to have to play an older…
  • Still no updates to body shot damage or stamina. what about the punch speed after throwing so much or stamina taxing?
  • Are you serious bout these updates so its absolutely fine to get subbed by someone with zero stamina?? It shouldnt even be possible, i dont understand why the main adjustments continuously gets ignored. All you see down the forums are complaints about stamina and submissions game and its been like this since the game came…
  • We're trying to explain to you guys that it doesnt and just because one persons play style manages to know how to deal with spammers doesn't mean everyone should start playing like him/her. All the advice is proof that EA are well aware of spammers and exploiters and are being reluctant on getting rid of them. I would hope…
  • And when you click the link you literally see people saying the same thing were saying. Is there even going to be another update?
  • And all @BillyH72 explained is all the stuff you have to do to win when it shouldnt be that difficult for technical players, especially the people who spam get the W with 100 times less the effort.
  • Not to mention you have plenty of people here who said they landed more and still get k.o by random button smashed reactions. At this point it looks like you'll never make the changes to speed and power of strikes that are thrown rapidly and i couldn't possibly understand why other then you guys being cool with spam…
  • WHY ARE THEY ALLOWED SPAM PERIOD ITS UNREALISTIC and the strategies that are actually useful in real life gets flushed down the toilet Becasue you want us to use the strategy you have?? Are you serious???
  • Granted its rare but if you get hit in the body enough its inevitable. Im a body specialist when it comes down to my style
  • Always thought bout goin back but never brought myself to do so
  • @HeadshotxStriker have they updated ufc 3 since the of 4?
  • @EA_Blueberry this is what me , him and more then 20+ others have been asking to change. I literally had friendly match with a friend and I purposely choose to slip and tagged to the body and got no results other then winning the fight by unanimous dec. Not to mention my lad's stamina was barely touched even after missing…
  • The fix is so simple , just wondering if theyll ever make the change. They lost over 4 million worth of sells with this game, i dont understand why is it so hard to change it. And if not tell us the game is for beginners or kids so we can go to ufc 3 with a real reason
  • When did fighting fire with fire actually worked is that your way of saying your making proper changes???
  • Doesnt bother me much ufc 3 had over 6 million sells , this game is just barely hitting 2m. Not like the game is terrible , they just need to fix the speed of strike after throwing quite a few. Its being abuse and its just doesnt match the game.
  • Amazing to see theres others who understand this game aids spammers while punishing tech players. As we're breaking them down with efficient shots and landing more, we're taking the same amount of damage which is crazy cause the mathematics doesnt add up
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