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  • (Quote) Really hope another company takes over, imagine how hard they would try to make a good game? EA are so cocky, they couldn't care less about it as they hold all sport licenses for games and will never let go of FIFA, a literal gold mine.
  • (Quote) Alot of things were said, full roster was one of them. Not an identical roster to UFC 3 and 2 boxers that no one wanted or cares about. It's plainly obvious to me that the budget was slashed for this game, no ultimate team means no micro-tr…
  • I literally pummeled Wonderboy into oblivion with Usman for the entire fight and got guillotine with no escape. The release of this game is a damn beta. It should be in Game Preview on Xbox. Full charge for an incomplete could be classed as fraud.
  • It should also be hard to sub someone, not lock it in and a desperate attempt to escape no matter the circumstances.
  • Also, strikes seem to be easily missed but a takedown attempt is like a homing missile for a CAF wrestler. Fix this as well please, its not fair for people that model themselves on striking and not getting taken down
  • (Quote) You are missing the point completely, stop wasting my time with your condescending garbage. You're clearly on another tangent entirely in this conversation. Our issues are not with the controls.
  • (Quote) You have the exact same issues as I do with this game, thanks for articulating it better. I made my post while angry lol I agree with everything you have said and honestly, what you have said shows me how much you have played UFC 3 like me.…
  • (Quote) Nah, its not easy at all. I take it you havent faced many competent grapplers. The game should be balanced and not one sided, the joint submission mini game is so blatantly one sided, its ridiculous. There should be a clinch denial, a way t…
  • Honestly feels like the game has just been amplified for peoole that enjoy grappling and have taken everything away from the striking part of the game. It's entirely about clinching and wrestling now. Everything i hated about UFC 3 is all this game …
  • This is a disgrace! Over a year and a half of no updates to UFC 3 to get a broken piece of trash like UFC 4 is. Its actually such a kick in the teeth to the dedicated fan base. I cant even...
  • Was just beating him again gamertag (removed) on Xbox. Disconnected the game in between round 2 and 3 when I was up 2 rounds. Get back to title screen and theres no fight on record. Help EA how can this be possible?
  • Having the exact same issues.
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