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  • BTW Im on Xbox. Its weird because since the update I can now choose these 2 venues when I play "Fight Now" and any of the modes in there will allow me to choose them. But anytime I choose online mode to invite a friend the only venues allowed are the UFC ones, its like EA left them out in online, even though they clearly…
  • Couldn't have said it better myself. EA strikes again with their lazy "changes" and didn't focus on the ways to improve on an already good UFC 3 game. GNP is the worst. Makes no sense and looks stupid. I can't believe these animations are on my Xbox one. Look so sluggish and robotic.
  • This roster is a direct copy/paste from UFC 3 with a few additions. Its weak **** and EA really didn't do anything to bring us a real roster for 2020. Now I remember why I don't play Madden anymore or any other EA titles. Its all about reskinning the same game over and over without any real changes players are asking for…
  • Agree 100%. GNP is a joke. Its so robotic and not life like at all. Why do you only have 5-6 punches every time and THEN they can transition? Its predictable and lazy. What are these looping body shots in top side full guard that look like they came from sega dreamcast? Where are the elbows from the mount for Christ's…
  • Agreed. Hopefully the UFC revokes it and goes with another company to make an actual simulation game. This is for kids and noobs.
  • I was referring to the game (@EA folks), not you directly. Good points you've made, but still doesn't explain the plain lazy roster and models they've "provided" us after 3 years. My friends and I were psyched for a roster that makes sense for 2020, not 2017. The few additions are nice, but still the bare minimum which is…
  • Also, where are the real UFC legends? Randy Couture Tank Abbott Brock Lesnar Fedor Emelianenko Kazushi Sakuraba Bas Rutten Rich Franklin Maurice Smith
  • @EA_Blueberry Add UFC Top 15 ranked fighters by weight class. Please add these guys as the current copy/paste roster from the last game is a huge let down for me and my friends. Also the current models for current fighters are pretty poor and need to be updated as well. How did you only add a few fighters to each weight…
  • I am not seeing how to pick my 1 of 5 champions edition fighters. I have opened all my packs that it gave me from the code, I see my 500 ufc points, but I dont get to choose any of the 5 from the list. What gives? Im on XBOX one. Please help! thanks
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