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  • Thanks for those details. Try rebuilding your database with these steps. Also, restore your licenses with these instructions.
  • Did you already try power cycling your console and modem/router? Also, just to be clear, when you say your traits and specialities are gone, do you mean they're locked again? If power cycling doesn't help, let me know what system you play on and we'll do some further troubleshooting.
  • You can find the deep dive schedule here. The HUT deep dive is coming October 6th.
  • You don't get banned for posting videos of gameplay. You have to break the rules to have that happen.
  • If your passes aren't going where you aim, get some video of it with the playback controls removed so I can see where you're aiming. It'll be reviewed for any issues.
  • I've had this happen as well. I know the dev team is aware of it, but I don't know the current status of it. If I find anything out, I'll update here.
  • I watched this the other day as well. Definitely liked it. A couple of the guys were also on Spittin' Chiclets this week.
  • Yep. If you're an EA Play subscriber, you can hit the ice during early access as part of the 10 hour trial. All those details can be found here.
  • A minute of real life time is going to be longer than in-game time. I think you would also need to take a hit to your RP for it. We'll have to wait and see if anything like this is added down the road. In the meantime, maybe you need a sign on your door letting people know to wait for the next whistle. Of course, gotta…
  • Hi there, @Driftwood99. Thanks for the suggestions. One thing I can comment on is the substituting of a bot. The issue I can see is that it possibly could be exploited so we'd have to have some pretty big limitations on it. Maybe it only lasts 30 seconds, only 1 player at a time can take a personal TO, limit these TOs to…
  • Those are some wise words. Gaming for sure helps keep me feeling young. It's something I've done for as long as I can remember. I can't say I've completely stopped caring what others think though. I'm just better about focusing on the things the more important people in my life say. This community is a part of that as…
  • I'm hoping for this as well, but don't have any information. Hopefully, we'll have details on this as we get closer to release.
  • I'm talking about information on NHL 22. More details are revealed as we get closer to release. If you can show me what promises we made that you're wondering about, I'll try to get an answer to them.
  • Interesting. I'll have to watch out for this. I never actually paid attention to if they were receiving the puck on their forehand or backhand. Appreciate the additional input here.
  • This was back in 2012 and 2013. A lot has changed in recent years with this company as we've become a lot more player-focused. However, I understand that nothing I or anyone from EA says is going to change any minds so I'm not going to get involved in this as it runs the risk of being a pretty toxic conversation. You're…
  • Thanks for those details. I don't play offline so maybe that's why I don't see it often. I do play a lot of Squad Battles games though and this is incredibly rare. Regardless, I'll pass your feedback on to the dev team. Even though it's infrequent, I definitely get the frustration with it.
  • How often are you seeing this happen? I've experienced this a couple of times this year in HUT. Can't recall the last time I saw it in EASHL.
  • Glad to hear it. We had a lot of really positive feedback. More than I've seen in recent years from other betas.
  • You have multiple connections. One to our servers for the game and another to Sony/Microsoft. It's possible to drop one and not the other. It's easy to see when you disconnect from a game because it quickly ends, but it's not so noticeable with your connection to Sony/Microsoft. It's possible you quickly reconnected.…
  • This isn't an alpha test though. That would be conducted by internal testers. A beta involves users outside the company. Regardless, the test ends in a couple of days so hopefully, the population on 21 will increase.

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