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  • Please in tournament mode ask me for the second time if I'm sure I want to take the fight at random, that I accidentally give the button and the fight is executed without me wanting it to be so
  • When creating my wrestlers I hope that the amount of space to save my wrestlers will increase considerably, at least 132 wrestlers, 22 wrestlers are very few, and I also hope that the number of countries where the wrestlers come from will increase. …
  • I hope that in UFC 4 of EA they improve the KO Technician (KOT) in the blows to the legs, since it is not logical that it is the area of ​​the weakest body of the fighters, please improve that, which is very unreal that so many fights end up with th…
  • My girlfriend who has a female fighter created fictitious, always wanted to fight against me fictitious male fighter, we both want to face, but the game does not allow it, we have asked, even if it was only exhibition fights, not competitive, withou…
  • I am very excited that UFC 4 will fulfill my expectations
  • I do not know why my messages duplicate the text
    in Ufc Reply by Leiqueros May 12
  • I am hoping that EA Sport will listen, and in this next UFC 4 they want the community of users that we like this type of games, be amazed with it, I have commented that apart from the improvements that must have in the gameplay , the game must also …
    in Ufc Reply by Leiqueros May 12
  • [quote="jackabee5;c-2067644"]bought 3 gaming consoles on the back of mma games, starting with the dreamcast back in the day.........love me some fun fighting games but lets be real i could list my wants and needs but why waste my time?........nobody…
  • Eager to hear from UFC 4
  • That UFC 4 includes the rules of other type of fight, such as boxing or muay thai or others would be fantastic, and that we could use these in tournament mode, as well as in event mode as well as in fight now, without forgetting the fight on foot th…
  • Hopefully it will be like that
  • When announced departure date of UFC 4?
  • It would be very good, but so far they have not taken any for PC
  • I hope that UFC 4 is also in the Spanish 🇪🇸language, I remember that in UFC 1 it came in Latin Spanish
  • I am not playing online, I do not play the definitive team, I play offline, only in career mode and with family or friends, we like to create our own fighters, many of them fictitious and face them in tournament mode, in event mode or simply in …
  • [quote="Marc110_98;c-2064414"][quote="Leiqueros;c-2064375"][quote="Marc110_98;c-2064373"]Sell ufc 3 buy ufc 3 undisputed 3. All ground problems solved[/quote] Very true!! UFC undisputed 3 was fantastic to be from a previous generation it's amazin…
  • And it is not a criticism of EA Sport UFC 3 which I like in other things with respect to Undisputed 3 like the standing mode, the KO mode, the power to make fights with women, the graphics are fantastic ... but if it improves the gameplay and that a…
  • More spaces to create fighters 40 in Undisputed by 22 in EA UFC 3 (I ask to increase at least 132 spaces, and thus fill wrestlers that are missing in the game, in some KO you could see how a fighter is injured, was treated and not being able to be p…
  • I've ordered things for UFC 3 and I'm asking for things for UFC 4 from EA Sport, things that were already in Undisputed 3
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