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  • Well champ khabib has 15 grappling slots and 7 striking slots Ufc 299 khabib has same amount of grappling slots but 1 less at striking As for b2s 4*khabib i doubt it will be better than those two... if you have any figter card at khabib champ set I would suggest you to go for 4*anderson or maybe even 4* royce (he has 16…
  • What is woodleys move?
  • No problem mate you are welcome. Elite cards as far as I know go most up to +8 +4 and - stats really depend, mine shogun hof elite thai clinch has +8ccon +4td -3subo -2tdd. But im not into clinch game and basically I do not care much about ccon thrw td and tdd stats. Hmm about khabib... as you wish but easiest way if you…
  • About silva it is like this: 11 striking slots ( 6 arm 5 leg) 11 grappling slots ( 3 clinch 3 takedown 3 ground 2 submission) 8 boost slots 4 perk slots It is enough to make beast. Done it with 2 wildcards and 2 elite tokens and I do not regret it. Well rounded either on ground either on feet. Only + if you chosen sting is…
  • Oh come on mate i have done all challenges in 30 minutes or even less... rear naked choke done in first try it took me 2 minutes into fight to do it also with AIs full stamina. use gold specialist top bot subo subd 100 (i used those) one of moves it should be 3* wrestling transitions (easier to get you to backside dom…
  • I believe it will be same stats but for elite it will be probably +8 +3/4 -3 -2 Also anyone knows what royce move is?
  • I believe it will be same stats but for elite it will be probably +8 +3/4 -3 -2
  • I crafted silva with 2 elite and 2 wildcard tokens. 11 strikning slots 11 grappling slots... enough to make beast
  • Is his move bjj transitions maybe? :)
  • Where? :)
  • Best thing I have got out of HoF (hof not haf lol haha) packs is shoguns elite thai clinch and that is a while ago... all packs are simply not worth of spending coins/money, best so far if you ask me was starter pack couple days ago (10 gold items for 500 points).
  • Week will probably go by before we get rewards it was same for season 4
  • Well that would suck to throw away 200k coins (thats 10-14 days of grinding also it depends how much you play) :) still cheaper 5€ for 2 gold fighters than to spend more on other packs and just hope for gold fighters... king pack is just not worth of it... for nearly 100€ you get 5 elite items (3 of them are perks one is…
  • I spent 5€ for it, for me personaly worth of it (used most for crafting). you get gold conor and gold khabib (both were crafted in tokens lol) ufc202 conors lead leg side kick and ufc203(not sure) khabibs takedown (not sure wich) also 2 gold moves (random) and 4 temporary gold perks (also used for crafting).
  • Stats?
  • Its bjj sweeps +7top +3bot and for - stats not sure (at work atm so will edit it in the morning when i take look)
  • Anyone got cormiers move yet?
  • It ends tonight...
  • Crafted most of moves with tokens today (got ridden off my useless moves and fighters) also crafted gold cyborg with 3 tokens and i can say it is worth of 3 gold tokens :) also spared some tokens for next week (elites will need more tokens for sure) and thats why i did not use 2 wildcards for elite gsp yet (i still hope…
  • Got some of them yesterday at night when doing challenges (from packs)... got dc as fighter, maias bbj sweeps move, gustafson uppercut and dj body knee... Anyone crafted cyborg to gold yet? Im curious about slots if it is worth to upgrade her...
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